How COVID Could Potentially Change (Home) Education Forever (A Worse Case Scenario)

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Let's get a few things cleared up at the beginning of this post. I am not claiming to be a prophet or fortune teller. I do not have any inside knowledge of secret, covert government plans.

I am just a normal guy (husband, father, homeschooling dad) who likes to think out different scenarios based on a variety of trigger events.

In this post, I will explain one possible scenario (a bad one, in my personal opinion) that could change the education system as we know it.

Disclaimer: If this scenario plays out completely, then it would very much impact homeschooling families, unschooling families, students who attend private schools, and publics school students a like.

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Step #1 - Something Major Has To Upset Normalcy

We are already in Step #1. COVID came along and threw a major wrench into the lives of people all over the world. Nothing has been untouched, not even the traditional education system.

As home schooling educators, we have been able to weather the storm fairly well, barring some missed socialization opportunities that all kiddos desperately need. If you have been homeschooling for a while, then you have probably already picked out your child's curriculum (per the normal process), are preparing for the upcoming school year (as usual), and will begin 'official' studies sometime this month or the next.

Home Educators are moving along at normal pace while the rest of the world is still trying to figure out how to keep 5 years six feet apart.

Step #2 - New Disruption and Continued Disruption

As the public schools and private schools are attempting to 'return to 'normal,' they are also making contingency plans just in case a new COVID breakout occurs at their school or in their city.

I hate to be cynical, but I don't think that 'if' is the right perspective. People need to be preparing for 'when' another pandemic event hits.

I personally do not think that COVID has ran its course. I believe that we will see a second wave, and communities/states will continue to react to COVID in a variety of ways (from lax to super strict).

What concerns me even more than what we are experiencing today is the possibility of a even faster spreading, more deadly virus.

Based on how the global community has responded to COVID-19, there is no going back to our "old" normal. The world is redefining a new normal.

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Step #3 - Increased Focus On Technology

In response to current events and in preparation for future outbreaks, I believe that cities, states, and even the federal government will look for "holistic solutions" to the problem of the day.

What might this mean?

  • Stronger pushes for internet access to all.
  • Stronger pushes for each student to bring home a school device.
  • More trainings for teachers, parents and students on how to teach/learn online.

These programs will be touted as great accomplishments, but will come at great financial cost. And they may cost us personal freedom if these services are provided by monopolistic government agencies.

Step #4 - Regional Experts Assume Teaching Responsibilities

Now with a strong technological infrastructure in place, the physical classroom can be made obsolete. Now it is time to begin centralizing the education system.

When the next outbreak occurs, all students will be required to study from home. There will be no option to meet in a local classroom. And don't worry about teachers not being tech savvy.

The solution? Hire the "best" regional teachers to teach online. These teaches will be charged with teaching every student within the assigned region. Even better, have the best teachers in each state do the same.

The "chosen" teachers would need to be charismatic, entertaining, and smart. As experts in their field and versed in technology, they would be able to deliver lessons and curriculum with ease to their students.

The problem? More device time. Less human interaction. A smaller number of "experts" proclaiming truth to the masses.

Step #5 - National Experts Assume Teaching Responsibilities

The brightest and the best would emerge from every region of the country. Now a even more limited number of teachers would be tasked with teaching the minds of our children, but not at a state or region level, but at a federal level. "Only the best for the best of all!"

The educational system would become even more centralized and easier to control.

Step #6 - Mandated Participation

For a while, the government would allow homeschooling and unschooling families to continue as usual. Private schools would still be able to offer courses.

But there would reach a point when choice would finally be cut off. If you are not following the "standard" way of doing things, then you are not only wrong, you are in contempt of the law.

With the "perfect system" in place, then there is no wiggle room for negotiation. This new system would provide "high level of education" to the masses - who just happen to be frozen in fear and isolated from their peers.

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Final Thoughts

I sure hope I wrong (more wrong than the media's predication that Hilary Clinton would be president in 2016). Honestly, this is not 'us' versus 'them' political issue. I could see both sides of the isle helping unfolded the steps I referenced above.

For me this is a freedom issue. I support your personal choice to wear a mask (or not) around your loved ones. But that choice is yours so make it wisely!

I support local businesses opening, reopening, staying open, and implementing their own COVID protection guidelines for their customer and patrons.

What I am concerned about is large, sweeping decisions that take away freedom and cause fear. I am equally concerned about flippant responses to imminent danger.

I guess you could say my family chooses homeschooling because we believe in educating and protecting our children (both at the same time).

My wife and I want to strengthen their minds (knowledge) and their hearts (love). We want to protect their bodies (from viruses, bullies, and whatever other danger my come their way). We want to them to learn from the two people in the world that love them more than words can express.

As I finish this post, I feel my heart racing. I usually find a state of peace after writing a post, but not today. My heart is heavy because the events of the day are weighing down on each and everyone of us.

But how much more will my heart ache if in the name of "education," an outsider takes away my ability to protect and teach my kiddos in the way that is best for them

Whether you agree or disagree, please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.



I see more control mechanisms on the people using covid as an excuse. There are millions ready to fight back and those who are running the control grids don’t want us to know this. If we don’t take the vaccine and wear the mask, services and shopping for basics will be cut off, I see it happening already with independent journalists and media/business people. Look what happened to Laura Loomer, kicked off all major social media, banking shut down, paypal, uber eats, etc....and she still won her Primary seat in Florida 💪🏽

Thanks for stopping by @reddust.

We definitely live in interesting times, The question of "who is in control" will continue to be an important one as the tension between personal freedom and public safety grow.

Every time someone says the government will help keep us safe, I get anxious 😂😂😂🤨

Very interesting thoughts, I think there's a chance increasing regulation of home ed is coming!

Best of luck avoiding it, minimal compliance is the easiest strategy to keep you under the radar.

@tipu curate

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Increased regulation is always a possibility. Home educators need to have an understanding of the existing regulations in their home state. That is the best way to be able to minimally comply.

And finding a group of experienced home educators is a great resources as well.

Thanks for the TIPU vote. Much appreciated!

A few things come to mind with this. Currently my youngest is doing her final schooling online via open access college, so this is pretty much whey we're now doing. It actually works well for her, because she's never been confident socially and doesn't do well in the traditional school setting. However, apart from a couple of set sessions where she has to have an online lesson, she has the freedom to choose when she learns and can get up to stretch her legs when she wants. This is in contrast to what I've been hearing about online schooling from the schools during covid, where they are compelled to be present for the set 6 hours a day. So I guess the idea of online schooling has the potential for the student to have a tailored education or a restrictive education. Unfortunately, I don't think the government had the interests of the children at heart, so it will be as they see fit.

On the other hand, even if the education online is mandated, it does still allow for a certain amount of input from the parent/s. Before we started homeschooling, I was already assisting my youngest at home, because she wasn't getting the work she was set at school. So there's nothing to stop parents educating their children on top and online schooling from home could make that easier.

So does doing things remotely give authorities more control or, inadvertently, less control? 🤔

So I guess the idea of online schooling has the potential for the student to have a tailored education or a restrictive education.

This is a valid point. I think that freedom focused online options are a great resource for our kiddos. I know that there are some great subject matter experts that are able to reach a lot of people because of internet based classes.

On the other hand, even if the education online is mandated, it does still allow for a certain amount of input from the parent/s.

I believe that parents need to be actively involved in their children's lives (and therefore by extension, their education), whether online education is mandated or not.

And I agree that the "on top of approach" is necessary for many of our kiddos. But that makes the assumption that we have confidence in the foundation our kids are being taught.

If the foundation is not solid and square, then the walls that we build on top will have problems as well.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the engagement.


My pleasure. Thanks for sparking the conversation! 😊

That's an interesting point with regards foundation. I guess it also depends on what's being taught and at what age. When I helped my daughter out after school, it was often to fill in the gaps with English and maths that had been missed from her foundation by the school, so she could grasp the next steps that they were trying to teach. So these subject areas shouldn't be an issue. What could be concerning is if they build moral foundations we might disagree with. Having said that, if a parent can be with them, then they will know better than if they are attending school, exactly what's being taught.

As I write this I suddenly realise that remote learning actually wouldn't be possible for younger children without some form of supervision, which means it's not an environment government can control. Any family who has both parents working or a single parent who has to work is not going to be able to be around to supervise, so would need the school services and child care.

I am going to add one word to one of your statements:
remote learning actually wouldn't be possible YET for younger children without some form of supervision

I agree with your original statement and I bet we agree in principle that remote learning is not ideal of young learners. My concern would be a move to groom students to get to the point, even to the point where parents would not "have to be" involved. Think of it as education being sold as a convenient service - "Parents have to work? No worries. We educate your child from the convenience of your home."

it's not an environment government can control

It is not controllable until people willingly give up control. Does not seem that you or I want to go down that path, but I don't feel confident that I can speak for everyone.

I read this earlier today and shortly after saw a video my husband was watching discussing control via chips or 5G transmission. Suddenly I realise it really could be plausible to be able to remotely teach young children without physical supervision! It's an horrific thought for us, but would it be any more than normal a generation or two down the line?

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