What Mutations Have You Notice In Your Cannabis Plants?

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You've grown 5, 10, 15... 100 cannabis plants maybe. Yet every single one of them seemed normal to you, right? Or maybe there was a special difference with one of your strains that you have noticed.

Today, I want to know what are the most interesting or unexpected "mutations" you have seen on strains that you haven't changed the way that you've grow them.

Did one produce more or less? Did it grow in an "odd" fashion? Was there something inherently different about that plant compared to the rest? I'd love to know!

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I have only had leaf mutations. Once I had a strain that got bleach spots on the buds. I thought i may of been light, but no way, since it was a cheap LED, and it didnt even happen on the top buds. Come to find out it was from a Manganese definecy. then next round i grew the same exact strain that was a clone from the one before, and gave it the required amount of nutes, and it looked, and smelled like a different plant. Very sensitive.

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I've never seen this kind of mutation on a fan leaf before. It's kind of tripping me out right now. LOL Manganese is one of those finicky micronutrients, but that does seem interesting.

Let's hope you get more positive mutations in the future :P