My Actifit Report Card: April 8 2021 || Discussion about breakfast

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Try to take nutritious food at morning and keep fit..

My dear friends, today I have come with a new idea to share with you in my actifit report card. Today I want to discuss about the breakfast that we used to take and its impact in our daily life.

Breakfast is very important food among all times we have the day. Because it is breaking of the fast after the all night long time. So it is the basic demand of the body to have some nutritious food for breaking the fast.

But most of the time, most of the people not care about this demand of body and mind, because only after awaking from sleep, they are not used to have food and our mind sometimes not like to have a more food at early morning. That's why they normally try to have some light meal and avoiding heavy nutritious foods.

It is totally wrong concept. If anybody have light food at the morning, it may have impact on the day long of his body and mind, because if the lack of nutrition is not fulfill at the morning, it will decrease the energy and fitness of the body and mind.

So it is proven that the people who take nutritious food at the morning, they are becoming more fit and energetic than the others.

I like to have a different types of foods in the morning. I don't have any common routine to have same foods in the same time, because it may create monotony. That's why I always try to change routine.

Today I have bread with egg and tea. After that I have some local seasonal fruits. You know that egg is a very nutritious food with high protein and it is very necessary for the body to recover.

If we have some high protein food at the morning, it is very easy to recovery process and help our body to restructure its energy level. And fruits has different types of vitamins and minerals that help us to support different organs.

Now I want to share something about my actifit report card of today. You are looking that the report is very poor today, because I passed the whole day at my home without going any where due to the lockdown imposed by the government.

We should keep fit and move a lot, but it is more important to keep safe from the Corona virus pandemic. That's why I tried to stay at home. Sometimes I went to outside for icebreaking and movement, but it is very limited.

This is the main reason behind the poorness of my today's report card.
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