My Actifit Report Card: October 3 2022 - I Am Alive Challenge - IAAC #162

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A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

Even if it continues, undisturbed, the rise of the anticyclone of the Azores on the peninsula still act cold currents at high altitudes not powerful enough to change the good weather climate that is developing on the beautiful country. It follows that, at dawn, numerous groups of clouds spoil the vision of the sky.

This morning I went to the post office. An endless queue slowed my day. We have been unable to unblock the Italian bureaucracy for thousands of years. Also because for centuries public administration has not been rejuvenated and, if you try to improve something, you are badly kicked out of the system.

In the afternoon I return to the country, since the ATMs of the bank in the morning were blocked, but unnecessarily. My bank had not restored the functionality of ATMs. I do not perform my checkout operations on principle. We need to modernise.

Ok, but today I was a little more active and alive and now I celebrate my iamalivechallenge 162 in the hope of being able to transmit my desire for renewal and change to my derelict country, Italy.

Finally I would like to thank all my friends from the tribe of Alive and all the new friends who happened between the lines of my stories for reading my thoughts and see you at the next actifit report.
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