Further Proof That You Don't Own Your iPhone History of Planned Obso ...

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Further Proof That You Don't Own Your iPhone

History of Planned Obsolescence

Protecting Your Privacy


I find what PINEapple and goolag do to their phones so horrifying that "criminal" is not a strong enough word.

The phone that McAffee was building with actual switches for the externals seems like the minimum you need...

The file structure is stupid. Designed to give little privacy by its structure and maximum user frustration.
If i want files off of an iPhone, i should just connect it as a USB drive... but no
However, if i am an app creator, then i have access to all the files and can do what i want with them... no restrictions.

The file structure on mobile operating systems is a joke. It would be amazing if we could simply have Linux phones with hardware switchers. Librem 5 looks good if I could afford it. Making a new hardware product at low volume is very expensive.

The light bulbs thing is really funny! Because I know for sure, long-lasting bulbs exist in some country, (but not dozens of years worth of longevity of course.)


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The issue of buying a new old* phone and it not working is very hard to swallow.

Can you even sue them? I'm sure this breaks some laws somewhere.

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That is why I try to buy almost everything brand new.

They are and they will keep collecting our data and we can't do anything about it, as these phones and gadgets have become a vital part of our daily life.

Try using a DeGoogled Android if it is possible for you:


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