You don't just have to exercise, you have to eat with understanding.

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You don't just have to exercise, you have to eat with understanding.

According to a health website, it is even more important to know what you eat before and after such exercises as 'Circuit Training', 'Cardio Training' or 'Strength Training'.


Cardio Exercise: Accelerated exercise such as running, cycling, aerobics, etc.

Before: Eat foods that are low in fat and high in carbohydrates at least one hour before starting cardio exercise. The ideal choice could be a banana, a glass of milk, or a handful of nuts.

Later: At this time the body needs nutrition so that its performance does not decrease. So meat and carbohydrates are good for this time. This will reduce muscle pain. In the case of beverages, you can choose low-fat milk, coconut water, etc., instead of coffee.

Circuit Training: This type of exercise increases the strength of the muscles as well as affects the different muscles of the body. Because some of these exercises have to be done fast with short breaks.

Before: Focus more on carbohydrates and less on meat. Apples and bananas are most suitable in this case. You can also eat dried fruit about 45 minutes before the start of exercise.

Later: The diet of this period will be less fat. You can eat fresh salad, smoothie, protein shake, or fruit.

Strength training: can be a combination of many exercises. Which is exercised by propagating muscle contractions. This is done with ‘book don’, ‘weight lifting’, or heavy dumbbells. Which increases muscle strength and weight-bearing capacity.

Before: It is very important to eat non-vegetarian and carbohydrate food one hour before this exercise. As a result, do not feel tired quickly. The risk of muscle damage will also decrease.
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