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All info below comes from Perth Mint's COA (Certificate of Authenticity) and Marvel Universe.

Captain America, in the Marvel universe, was created during the Second World War as a super soldier and is, strictly speaking, the first Avenger.

This is the 6th installment in the Marvel bullion series by Perth Mint in conjunction with the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu.

This coin weights 1oz (31.1g) with silver purity of 99.99% and Brilliant Uncirculated finish. Its mintage was 50,000 units.

The reverse features Marvel’s Captain America, shown engaged in battle, dressed in full regalia with his famous shield at the ready.


The obverse, engraved by Ian Rank-Broadley, portraits Queen Elizabeth II using the famous Girls of Great Britain tiara.


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Thanks for bringing the stackable four nines Silver, ronavel.

You are welcome, my friend!

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The Captain looks like he is going to jump off of the Silver coin @ronavel!!
A quality silver coin from the Perth mint my friend!!!😀

The funny thing is that the coin does not have the red on his head. That was a light trick...

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Interesting, I always have trouble taking photos of coins, I take two to three to get a good photo...


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I didn't know that you were into Marvel classics?

I am a fan of Marvel and DC since I was a teenager, long time ago...

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"STACKERS ASSEMBLE!" Always wanted to say that every time an Avenger Coin is shown.

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Now you said it! In a few days you will say it again...

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