Butterfly of the Gnome | Mixed Media Art

Apophysis-GnomeInColor (1).jpg

To her already soft plush lips, Julianne applied an additional layer of lipstick. Her tall, slim figure received several honks from passerbys' horns. She ignored each as she pulled the dress down near her knees. It did no good, as its purpose flattered the wide, alluring hips. Once more, she tossled the thick, black strands and leaned her head sideways before stepping from the curb onto the crosswalk.

Her mouth salivated as across the boulevard under the streetlight, Jared leaned against the diner's wall, waiting.

The night promised excitement.

She scrolled through the photos on her phone, searching for her latest date. One last look she sneaked at the wide smile embedded in Jared's rugged face.

Looking up in time, she narrowly avoided an oncoming car rushing through the yellow light. It was then she caught a glimpse of a small black van with dark tinted windows waiting.

The vehicle hugged the corner as though its presence ruled, ready to pounce. The detailed, fine-tuned vehicle, with large white-walled eyes canvassed the area. Crowds ignored it as though a regular on the scene.

The closer she approached, the louder it roared as if pleased by her company. The glint of moonlight on the windshield caught her attention.

As she stepped up onto the sidewalk, she returned Jared's smile. He pulled her close and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

Within minutes, the door opened. Jared pushed her inside, then entered hurriedly. The door slammed shut.

"Hello butterfly. You look lovely tonight. just call me Gnome." He smiled wickedly, then tapped on the back of the seat immemdiately in front of him.

He lit a cigarette, took a long drag, and stared silently out the window.

The gearbox responded with a purr as the vehicle zoomed down the boulevard. It slowed at the second corner, turned right, then sped up and into the dark.

Only the bright glow of the moon witnessed the occurrence that took place way too often on any given night in the district of the city that catered to the disappearance of many a young lady.

She belonged to him now. Period. She ensured this by keeping their meeting secret. Wedged between the overlord and the underlord, Julianne's entrapment secured Jared's position in the flutter.

Careully planned and executed, the Gnome would be paid handsomely once the package landed in his boss' lap. She would fetch a good price on the dark market his boss and future business partner assued him.

The vehicle stopped, then started again.

As Julianne lay curled in the rear, she fough back tears, remembering the last warning only last month her parents attempted to instill in her approach to dating.

"Please be careful of the people you meet on those sites you say are from the internet. We've heard some scary incidents and would hate to lose you to a predator. You're too trusting."

She half-listened that night.

She prayed this night, wishing she could get word to them.


Fractal Art and Stable Diffusion Project

Anyone who follows my fractal art and other projects know that I love to create Mixed Media Art. I accomplish this by combining different types of art to achieve a unique scene. Blending them together looks as if the scene was produced as one. If your final project looks like this, then I feel you have succeeded.

In designing this project, images of butterflies flooded my thoughts. Once I decided to create a butterfly, the auora would be alien in nature. The reference would entail an evil being personafied by the beauty and allure of a beautiful butterfly. A camouflage. Deceitful.

As inspiration for my project, I discovered an interesting free-sourced photo of a butterfly I can only describe as evil looking:



To play upon the purple color in the butterfly, I created a stable diffusion image to complement the photo. I utilized StarryAI. I previously provided information on this software. The text prompt is required, as it provide the software with a description of your desired image.

Below are my steps:


StarryAI Text input:
"Surreal and ethereal purple vase."
Style: Argo
Runtime: 50
Seed: 1677651227

StarryAI Result:

StarryAI Text input:
"Colorful angel full body flying with white background."

Style: Altaire
Runtime: 200
Seed: 1668556770

StarryAI Result:

5 - colorful angel full body flying with white bac.png


With three primary pieces in place, I then required a female image to portray the young lady who fell victim to the online predator. I was thoroughly surprised to locate an image I felt was perfect. The female is alluring, one of the types that attracts would-be predators for nefarious purposes.

Ironically, the image I found described a female vampire. The photo is stunning and worked well with the other pieces.



Last, but not least and not to be diminished, is my pure fractal enitled "Snake Skin". I designed this fractal in the fractal rendering program, Apophysis 2.09 and utilized it to add texture to the lower portion of the scene. It blended well with the other images.


As a final touch, I added an additional layer to the background. I located this image:



With all pieces compiled, blending my mixed media art project was easy utilizing the design program, Canva. A few of the images required background removal. I accomplished this with the upgraded features in my Annual Pro Membership Subscription.

Here are the steps in my design process from left to right:

Screenshot 2023-07-02 9.44.49 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-02 9.50.35 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-02 9.48.52 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-07-02 9.52.04 PM.png


Below is the completed fractal art and stable diffusion project.

Apophysis-GnomeInColor (1).jpg


Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I hope you like my fractal and generative art project.


Good luck everyone with whatever your endeavors.


a) JustClickindiva's Footer created in Canva utilizing its free background and images used with permission from discord admins.
b) Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me with my (i) Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet, (ii) Samsung Phone, & (iii) FUJI FinePix S3380 - 14 Mega Pixels Digital Camera
c) Purple Butterfly part of purchased set of Spiritual Clip Art for my Personal Use
d) All Community logos, banners, page dividers used with permission of Discord Channel admins.
e) Ladies of Hive banner used with permission of and in accordance with the admin's guidelines
f) Thumbnail Image created by me in Canva.
g) "Flames." What is Apophysis 2.09. https://flam3.com/



It was then she caught a glimpse of a small black van with dark tinted windows waiting.

That was the perfect moment for Julianne to change course and go back home. Poor Julianne!

What a gripping story to go with your fractal image. The female vampire image with her sharp eyes certainly depicts Julianne in the story. 😄 Well done. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day. !LADY

Hello @kemmyb. Thanks so much for your visit and astute observation. Yes, Julianne should have paused to take in her surroundings, but the thought of her date totally clouded her mind. Her parents attempted to warn her, but she dismissed them as often young adults do.

I'm always scouring the free sites for unusual images to use in my stories. This practice has worked so far. Mixing different types of art I found is interesting and make creative combinations.

I appreciate your support. Take care and have a good rest of your week.


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i loved the way you foreshadowed Julianne's fate in the beginning of the story. The mention of the black van and the dark tinted windows made me feel uneasy, and I knew that something bad was going to happen.

The ending was also very well-done. It was a bit sad, but it was also realistic. I think it's important to show the consequences of making bad decisions, and this story did that very well.

Hello @malos10. You are spot on when you say the danger was there. The young lady chose to overlook it. First off, meeting someone online is a huge risk. Second, I feel the location he wanted her to meet with him was suspect. She ignored all the warnings, even from her parents.

I have heard so many sad stories of young ladies being taken advantage of this way. The endings are overwhelmingly sad.

Thanks so much for your visit and kind compliment. I'm pleased you liked my story, although a sad one. I appreciate your support and engagement.

Take care and have a good rest of your week.


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A sad story, but with a needed message...

Yes, it is sad when children refuse to listen to parents' advice. Elders may not be be knowledgeable in a technological sense, but sometimes they feel when their children are venturing down a wrong path.

I remember when my parents would say "now I heard something bad about this, so watch out." we would just nod, laugh, and keep going, often into a brick wall, but nothing deadly. In today's atmosphere, the game has changed.

Thanks for your visit. I appreciate it and your support.

Take care.

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This teaches a lot. We never can tell the kind of person that we meet on the internet. We should not trust them too much by giving them our informations. There are so msny scammers online

You are correct. One can never truly determine the character of someone met online. I have heard some relationships that work out, but don't know under what circumstances occur after the initial meeting.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your engagement and support.


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