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RE: It's a kind of irrational fear that causes people to avoid what makes them anxious or nervous!

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Great post, my friend! I can say for myself that I'm a shy person... Maybe it isn't that obvious on my videos and blog posts, but I am, and I was a lot worse in the past...

What changed me to step out? Well, life... lol... I was forced to go out between people and communicate... When I opened my first company, that was probably the hardest step to take, as it was a job where I had to work with unknown people, and conversate with them, make business with them, etc...

The next big step was recording videos... But, I don't regret that I have done that... And it helped me a lot to be more open with others, and in expressing myself and my views...

Thanks for a great topic, and I know that there are a lot of "hidden gems" out there, that are shy to come out... I hope that they will discover that they can give a lot and help others with expressing themselves...

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Great to hear
Pretty motivating & encouraging
nothing is impossible
If you aim for achieving it
Finally you get to your goal
Life teaches you everything :)

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