back to basics - part 1

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In 'back to basics', we will explore a specific topic everyday.
I will keep it short and simple to understand.

so, today we talk about splash pages

What is a splash page?

Splash page is a page where you give key information about the opportunity or product prompting to take action.

The splash page is also used to grab attention of the user, before sending them to the actual opportunity/product page

what are the key ingredients of a good splash page?

The splash page contains

  1. A title - A good title should be used to grab attention.
  2. Key points - 4/5 key points giving information about the opportunity / product
  3. Video - Now-a-days videos are used to give information about the opportunity / product
  4. For personal branding, use your photo.

Sample Page:

Where do you promote/use your splash pages?

Splash pages are generally used in traffic exchanges
But they are also used in viral list builders and email promotions.

Why should you use the splash page?

Basically to grab attention as there is a very limited window for the person to stay and view the page.
And it is better than promoting the actual website.
Also, It is short and to the point.

Are there any shortcomings?

No, if you are promoting your own product.
But, if you are an affiliate then its better to use Lead capture pages (we will talk about it tomorrow).

*Affliate is a person who sells other person's product for a share in sales.

thank you for reading my post

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Nice overview, Farhad! It's even better when we are able to personalize splash pages. They are good for TEs because people are only viewing the page for a few seconds and probably see the headline and one or two bullet points.

yes, personalised pages are much better and effective than the standard ones.