Speed0 is the most important software for PC gamers

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Speed0 lets you play more in less time

If you're anything like me, you have a crap ton of games on your backlog. With the impressive Speed0, you'll get more of it done. It's single feature is absolutely fantastic: speed up single-player games.

Speed0 is like adding a turbo key for everything. It allows you to do things like fast-forward through uninteresting or incredibly lengthy cut scenes, walk much faster around town or from an area to another, spend considerably less time watching turn-based RPG character animations and accelerate NPC dialogues. This is the most important tool for non-MMO gaming enthusiasts ever!

It was thanks to Speed0 that I could finally sit through an entire playthrough of Headliner: NoviNews, a game about fake news and manipulation of the masses by the player who is a journal editor in charge of selecting which articles are going to be used and which aren't. Mind you, walking back and forth during the gameplay is dauntingly boring because of our character's very slow move speed. That's what got fixed with this tool, making the game playable for me.

While it may not work on every game, it works on most of them, so your purchase warrants certain use. Just don't try getting it to run with persistent-online multiplayer, because the official server might pick you up as a cheater. They would be right, by the way! Path of Exile is an example of an unsupported game because of its DRM. But anything with Unreal Engine, RPG Maker and most other 3D and 2D games will work out of the box.

Hotkeys which can make you the game 2x, 3x, 4x or even as fast as your computer can handle. If this is enticing to you, get Speed0 now on Steam.


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Hey @felipejoys, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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This is an application I didn't know I needed it!

I was thinking of you when I wrote this. :)


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