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RE: BMR for 20th July 2021 - And some engagement thanks

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Thanks for the mantion.

Btw....are we seeing btc going $20k sooner than later?

Seems the 30k won't be holding it for long

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Hard to say, I am hold onto my prediction of 75K by the end of the year. Will 20K happen in the short term? Maybe.


I think there's a possibility for it bouncing back up to 50k range by end of Q2.

Let's sit back and watch how things goes for more. Am more bullish on $1 hive by year end

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Hope so.

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Btc should touch 15k before going all the way up to 50k or more again. Look at the 200MA on the weekly chart and use MACD. You will see that we still have a long way down. Btc was overbought in the last months…..

Btc was overbought in the last months…..

That's true

Well, I'll be on the lookout to see how things turns out. Moreover the dip is just a short term view, so no cause for alarm

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