High grade weed photography

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Hello everyone here's a picture I took of some nice high grade weed I picked up from a good friend it's so hard to get weed like this but my friend does get it quite a lot InShot_20200112_154212069.jpg

Here's another picture I took of the weed as you can see it's compressed nicely it's a really nice smoke InShot_20200112_154256129.jpg
Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope you are all having a good day I am just got in had a early gym session today then I had to do a few bits then came back picked up the family took my daughter swimming lessons then it was off to shop's got some new trainers for my daughter and then went food shopping so I'm just about to roll a nice joint and chill do a bit

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Nothing wrong with a nice smoke at the end of the day. Cheers mike

I couldn't agree more thanks for stopping by buddy 👍🏾

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interesting... ;) keep it up !trdo

is it High grade weed, photography. or high grade photography of weed?

High grade weed photography lol 😂👍🏾 !DERANGED

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Thanks bro !trdo

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Looks interesting, but high grade is usually sensemilla. The plant loses some of its active ingredients through the production of seeds.

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