My trip to the british museum (part 3 to be continued )

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Here's a series of pictures I took when I visited the British museum in london this is part 3 the first picture is a picture of two beautiful head statue's InShot_20191103_195553905.jpg

Here's picture I took of one of the head statue's close up it's very beautiful InShot_20191103_195617848.jpg

And here's the picture of the other head statue close up it's nice but not as nice as the gold one InShot_20191103_195652020.jpg

Here's a picture I took of a cross at the British museum in london I took hundreds of picturesInShot_20191103_195749629.jpg

Here's a few little bits and bobsInShot_20191103_195827926.jpg

Here's a picture I took of a beautiful piece the work that must have went into making this it must have took a long time to make thisInShot_20191103_195904417.jpg

Here's a picture I took of some beautiful watches it was literally a wall full InShot_20191103_195939958.jpg

Here's some more of the watches it was a beautiful sight all these beautiful watches in one place InShot_20191103_200007536.jpg
Here's a picture I took of a beautiful clock the design is stunning InShot_20191103_210419914.jpg

Here's another picture I took of a beautiful clock stunning piece this sort of clock would cost a whole lot of money I have many more pictures to share with you all from my trip but you will need to come back for the next part InShot_20191103_210506779.jpg
Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope that you liked it if you did don't forget to check out my other posts like this post also like comment share follow me @kgakakillerg for more daily original content all pictures and writing by me I only share my own original content and have dun since I started my journey on steemit nearly two years ago now I've met some great people and made some great friends along the way it's been a good journey so far and I really believe in steem and steemit I think it will have a bright future as long as a few major changes happen but I truly believe in time it will change for the better for everyone 🤞🏾

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