The British museum ( to be continued ) black and white version

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Hello everyone here is a the black and white version of a series of photographs I took at the British museum it was a great I took so many great
photographs here's the first one just look at this beautiful little bronze head statue just by looking at this you can see it's old but very beautiful and rare must be worth a hole lot of money InShot_20200114_074025246.jpg

Here's another picture I took at the British museum of some old coins i do love coins especially old one's InShot_20200114_074046231.jpg

Here's another picture I took while walking around the British museum InShot_20200114_074101016.jpg

And here the final one for this part of the trip I hope that I will see you all on the next part also what photograph did you like most InShot_20200114_074123151.jpg

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The British museum ( to be continued )

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