Winter Wonderland ( to be continued )

in travel •  15 days ago  (edited)

Hello everyone hope you are all good and well here's a series of pictures I took while walking around winter Wonderland look how cool this ride looks everything looks much better at night InShot_20200213_185416066.jpg

Here's another picture I took the same ride but different colour it changes colour as it goes round I really do like this picture looks very cool I think it's a perfect pic I would really like to know your thoughts about this picture and the others if you want InShot_20200213_185502862.jpg

Here's another picture I took while walking around winter Wonderland the later it got the busier it got at this point it was jam packed as you can see it was a really great day out I still got loads more to share from this day out but you will have to wait until the next part I hope I see you all there InShot_20200213_185539762.jpg

Thanks for reading and viewing this post I really appreciate every who has supported me on my journey on steemit

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