Chicken sandwich in reasonable price

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Hello steem friends,
As you all know that I am a food lover. That's why I try to go several restaurant at several time. This is one of my hobby that I will try various kind of food from various restaurant.
So, I will talk today from one of them. I visited this restaurant last day.


So, last day I went to one of the famous restaurant in Rmy city. The name of the restaurant is "Akbaria plus". It's a great restaurant. Here you can take several kind of food. But as we went there in the afternoon that's why I didn't take any heavy food. I just try a chicken sandwich. The very important two part that I am gonna share is the taste of the sandwich was amazing. I will go on this restaurant again.

The other fact of the resturant is you will find all the food in a very reasonable price. Like, look at this sandwich. It was so delicious but, the price of this sandwich is ju 550/- taka. It's very chief in money with thee quality.


Their behaviour was very much good Now, you can ask about the decoration. Actually, the decoration they got was average. I am impressed about their services . I will try to go there next week again inshallah So, I thought, let's make a review for them who want to know about a Bangladeshi food.

Restaurant Information

Akbaria plus
Bornali Mor, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Chicken sandwich in reasonable price
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