Street Photography: New street view in jampang

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Hello Hivean friends.... how are you? I hope my friends are in good condition, healthy and increasingly successful. Amen.

This Saturday I have a day off from work. But I just want to share stories and photos of the scenery a few days ago when I was out for a walk with my daughter.

A few days ago, on Saturday morning to be precise, my daughter and I picked up my son. The plan that day we want to swim in the pool.

Original photo by me


Original photo by me


Original photo by me


Original photo by me


Original photo by me

New street view in jampang

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We passed a new road, which was planned to be a toll road. I saw the scenery of the street scene was quite good for a photo using my smartphone camera.

That's my story and writing for today. Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Happy Weekend.


My and my daughter

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