Will You Sell Your STEEM For A Quarter Dollar Now? ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ต

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It just took milllions of years before steem had gotten up to a quarter dollar now. Hmmn for a quarter dollar here in my country you can a few pieces of bread, or maybe one piece of donut, or a bottle of eight ounces of softdrink. But you needed three dollars maybe for you eat substantially for a day.

But nonetheless one quarter is already a good amount of money because of course you could not earn it so easy elsewhere and fortunately you can earn it here at steem platform. You just have to be a lover of writing your world and making friends in the process. Not all people can blog, my eldest brother even taunts me about it not knowing that I could earn much more than he makes as soon as steem really takes off and valuates to maybe like four dollars or more.

I would be in a very good position when if steem does goes up to the moon. Maybe it is in the process right now because the bears are being beaten by the bulls because I can see that there is not much sell pressure anymore because maybe steemians know that steem is very undervalued and deserves to be more valuable than a quarter dollar.

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Now I am not so sure if I would sell at one dollar per steem because if steem goes into that price it might go up some more because again cryto volatility is crazy and also the bitcoin influence on prices is one factor driving the Altcoins crazy. But I am hopeful that steem will go much higher and higher because of the talented and genius developers behind steem and also BTC will moon because of the halving and we also have to keep that a factor.

Overall I can see much better prices for the mid and long-term perspective in prices and I mean a year from now as many predicted and as the past charts shows that we can determine how btc will perform and it is just making our lives exciting like we are always unraveling a gift that we do not know the contents therein. The future is indeed bright for holders of cryptos, steem and of course the crypto king the mighty bitcoin.

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Maybe at $1.00. Most def not pulling out $25 bucks at a time. $100, yes. $25 NO!

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No I can't sell it less than $.1

Yes me too but waiting really saps my patience.

You have to be patient

Will You Sell Your STEEM For A Quarter Dollar Now?

Probably not, since I'm not on crack cocaine and meth :)

LOL @overkillcoin
I am also tired of waiting but I am as patient as a rock too.

Defenetly not. I want steem to be at least $4 but i am also sure it will be not easy to wait until that.
Too many of steemians selling they steem cheap this is the sad truth. Most of them i am sure they cant wait until $1. But lets see๐Ÿ˜Š

Steem to the Moon, Brother Crypt ;)

I need to have a lot more liquid Steem before I sell it, but I might have enough to sell say AU$10 at the next Steem meeting. Weโ€™ll see.

Hell no boi!