This Is A Clue That STEEM And SBD Will Pump, Have You Accumulated Yet?

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Fun times ahead across the steem and or the #tron #community after this rather direct message to everyone that @justinsuntron would do something historic like partner with steemit and you can see on this tweet by @ned with his majestic image saying that "We will going to be Kings" and below his profile the tweet of Mr. Sun making people who are concerned really so excited about the revelation in maybe less than 24 hours from now.

So you have accumulated a substantial steem for the positive steem price valuation soon?

Actually steem is pumping right now, maybe people or individuals that who knew the news prior are buying and accumulating more for of course to sell later when steem is soaring already. What we do not know is that for how much steem would pump and the sell pressure remains.

SBD is also more than a dollar right now and there isn't much SBD now so it is easy for a wealthy person to also pump it.

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We Will All Go To The Moon The Only Question Is When

But again it could be another coin he is talking about and I am just speculating so do your own research because the rumors that we hear about might also wreck us if we are not careful with our actions. To be on a safer side we can just accumulate any crypto out there that we want and believe about its use cases or utility for us especially steem and or SBD and all the major cap coins.

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It is wonderful to see steem rising in value again. I can make around 3 or 4 steem per day, sometimes more depending on my luck and effort. I find it interesting to think about what that would mean at different values of steem. For a dollar valued steem three or four dollars a day doesn't buy a lot but it is helpful. At $10 steem it starts to get really interesting and provide a good working wage for me. When you consider that fact that there are other tokens being earned too and many people benefiting from them, things look very exciting. !trdo

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It seems that ned sold steemitinc to Justin Sun @lightsplasher

Very bullish sentiment across the cryptosphere now. Man, this feels just like back in 2017! Should be an interesting ride, as long as we stay rational and don't get overtaken by the euphoric expansiveness of the moonshot :-D

I am holding back my emotions, I got victimized by my own self many times over and I really want to stay on my game and plan. @d-pend

Yes, let's keep our heads down and focus! Our goals are much more important than getting caught up in hype. Have a good day @cryptopie.

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I check #justinsuntron reply to #realnedscott on his Tweet on Twitter it may be steem or may be not currently its totally speculations let's hope its steem but is not depends on #tron or jutin sun partnership its king in his own world

Regardless of steem-tron partnership or something like that, BTC itself would pull Altcoins up anyways in my opinion.

I totally agree with you bitcoin and Altcoins price is still co related

It's good to see Steem picking up speed. I hope it continues.

Hi @wandrnrose7 it really makes this community excited once again unlike in the last driest months of steem, we hope really that it would continue.

I hope so 😃

We soon go see... if all this soon play out, yes wee all users here can get something big. 🤗👌😋

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