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Great things are starting to happen surrounding Steem.

I stayed up later than I should have watching some of the live stream from Steemfest. For those who missed it, I can assure you there are some great things on the way.

A couple of the sessions really made an impact and I thought I would share them.


Naturally, there was a great deal of discussion about SMTs. The team from Steemit Inc was there and they covered what is taking place.

I have to give that organization credit. Under the leadership of Eli Powell, they are really making progress. The fact that SMTs are done and in testnet is a testament to how far they have come. This is something that we heard about for two years yet always remained a dream. No more.

@vanderberg mentioned the progress with the development surrounding the SMT protocol. Just because they are on testnet does not mean that the coding stops.

One innovation is the SMT Wizard that the Steemit Inc developers put together. Essentially, SMTs are looking at making the creation of a token easier by a large magnitude. Consider it token creation with very little coding.

This is a big step. Unfortunately, for most, very little coding still means no coding. Hence the development of the SMT Wizard. Now, we will have token creation with no coding.

The wizard was shown and is in MVP form. It will be upgraded during the testnet period so it is ready to go upon mainnet release. Basically, it will enable a range of tokens, from the simple to the complex.


Here again we see something we heard a great deal about yet always appeared to be like flying dragons. Do they really exist?

@roadscape is the mind behind this development. During the Steemit Inc session, he talked a bit about it. There were not a lot of details since he is doing a session today that covers them exclusively.

Ultimately, communities will be cross platform preventing fragmentation of the network. As the communities come together, we are going to see thousands of micro-communities forming. Since they stay together no matter where they go, it should bring all the front-ends together.

He did give an example of some of the potential that is being offered.

Imagine inviting a friend to Steem. He or she is aware of the platform since you talking about it non-stop for over a year until everyone finally told you to shut up. This time, instead of entering a long monologue about it, you simply email that person an invite.

By clicking on the invite, that individual automatically has the 4 keys secured and stored. Also, since you did the inviting, you each are following the other. There will be a list of recommended communities on the site, a portion being communities that you are involved with since, the presumption is, there will be at least a few of similar interest.

What is fabulous about this aspect of things is no hard fork is required. Communities will take place at the hivemind level which went live earlier in the year. The rollout will be continual as new features are added to the website.

One final thought about what @roadscape said. There is a lot of talk about newsteem of late. He threw out another way of looking at things. To him, we are dealing with "Steem Classic".

In other words, we are getting back to the original intention of onboarding the masses through communities and SMTs. This is how the Internet will be tokenized.


The final area that caught my attention was Splinterlands.

@aggroed put together a talk that really covered the progress of this game in spite of being in a terrible bear market. The growth of the game in terms of players has steadily risen in addition to the value of the network. Cards are being traded at a growing rate showing liquidity in the markets. A number of 3rd party applications were developed around the game/cards that users enjoy.

Perhaps the biggest announcement is the future plans. With their crowdfunding coming to a close soon, the team will have a lot of money for expansion. Initially, they wanted to raise $25,000. When the funding comes to a close, the amount raised will be $250,000.

What is important is the team now has the resources to start reaching outside the Steem ecosystem. The goal is that whenever anyone is looking for blockchain based games, Splinterlands is something they are going to come across. This is an important way to position the game.

Also, Aggroed sees many opportunities for partnerships outside the platform, thus bringing in even more interest. The easiest way to on-board users is to make agreements with organizations that can bring thousands to the table instantly.


We all know talk is cheap. For a couple years, we heard promises about what is coming. The difference is, this time, we can see it in front of us. The Wizard is a prime example. It was shown in working condition. In other words, right now, without any updates, the Wizard will handle every SMT scenario that anyone wants to throw at it. Of course, there are limits to SMTs in terms of the protocol but, as long as it is within that, the Wizard can handle it.

For those who are on Steem any length of time, it is easy now to see the progress in the development arena. This is the first step. In fact, Aggroed mentioned one of the delays in their outreach plans is the fact they needed to work through their development plan first. For example, their final major piece is a mobile app. Since most gamers access via a mobile device, failure to have one cuts down the market. The plan is to get that done by year end meaning all the major pieces will be in place.

It is important to note that any success on Steem benefits everyone. As the entire ecosystem grows, the value of the whole increases. Thus, anyone holding STEEM even if they are not directly involved in a particular application that is succeeding benefits.

For over two years I wrote about Steem and the optimism I had. As long as the development took place, I knew we had brighter days ahead of us. The potential of the technologies being created is simply incredible. We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My level of excitement went up another level after some of the presentations last night. It was not rah rah crap where everyone was geared up emotionally. In fact, the opposite was true. We saw low key talks that present things in a very matter of fact manner. It was basically here is what we accomplished and what we are going to tackle next.

Exciting times ahead indeed.

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yeah i actually feel the same, it was great to see @roadscape and his passionate speech. some might have seen it as awkward but i saw it as wanting the original steem version to become true.

Awkward only from the sense that he is obviously not a public speaker. That said, it is clear that he knows his stuff and what he is creating is game changing. His vision of how it all will tie together is amazing.

A definite asset and I am really looking forward to his presentation.

yeah for sure. i personally did not find it awkward at all, i saw someone totally passionate about realising an itch, ya know? as for changing the game time will tell, it's a weird old world in social media these days.

tomorrow's presentation should be deep and wide i'm hoping for all the details, see ya in the live stream chat tomorrow! :)

Love it too!!! Real passion and I almost cried off his beginning of the speech lol

I watched some of the live stream you're mentioning last night too. Times are definitely getting more and more exciting!! Yeah Steem 🍻

I have been watching, too. I learn so much from all of these guys!

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