Sadness & My Today top Battle

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Hello dear friends how are you? I invested last few days in potion but i do not know why i did stop to invest. But today and last day i did not invest but after completing Quest i did not get reward.
I feel that i need to select old button to get card. I want card so my wish is i earn card i can use card.but i am really feeliojkly1.jpgng so bored when i saw in reward nothing.

It is screenshot of my conpleting quest but no reward in hand.


I am not understanding i invested but i got nothing may be it is i would like to get card in quest.or i am not getting idea.

I need more info to understand this newupdate if any one can guide me to this new updates.


It is screenshot of my new top battle that i played today.i used splinterlands app to play.


If you are not using app then join it it is really very feature.


I won today battle from strong opponent so it is really great.


Thank you very much for visiting my post.if you still did not join splinterlands then join it and enjoy earn good reward.


I think you should check your reward on peakmonsters @yousafharoonkhan
Because the app not provide the reward. Claimed, yet.
Did you read the post? It will be possible to see it later, because right now.. the battle Is the priority.



@yousafharoonkhan ^^^^your quest rewards

Thanks to the others for showing you your history- the app is new and in Alpha so a lot of bugs to work out. Your battles are looking good! Nice job! An upvote is on the way! If you have an issue with mobile in the future- leave a message with screenshots, your Splinterlands name, make of phone and what browser you are using to the mobile-tech-support channel in Discord here-

Ok i'll share