From scratch to GFL #8 Ft. Season Rewards

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Welcome to my "From Scratch to GFL" Series episode number 8.

This is a series that I started as a journey to see how long it will take me to get from scratch to a Gold foil legendary card in Splinterlands
I have allowed myself two level 2 summoners that I delegated from my main account.

I Cannot . . .
Buy packs
Join a guild
Go under 60% ERC

I will be using a lot, since they give sweet 3% cashback on card purchases !


Let's begin with the episode

Obviously, let's get into the business, which is season rewards !

Honestly, only thing better would have been actually getting a GFL :D
These are amazing rewards for Silver I

Well let's just open those orbs up aswell then !
Pretty nice

Ok, now some trading has to be done for our deck


  • So GF Octopider I turned into 3000 DEC, since I don't really need that card.
  • Sold Mermaid Healer to insta bid on peakmonsters for $0.401 and bought dec with it (Which got me 598 DEC)


  • 4 Sea monsters (Now at lvl 3)
  • Furious chicken
  • Drake of Arnak (Dragon Summoner)
  • 5 Kobold miners (Now at lvl 3)
  • 2 Molten Ogre (Now at lvl 3)
  • 5 Mantoid (Now at lvl 2)
  • 4 Goblin Mech (Now at lvl 3)

Cashback thanks to was 55.966 DEC

Honestly I'm feeling like a kid at a candy store :D
I still have about 2000 DEC Left, that I have no idea what to do with.
So here comes todays giveaways
Leave a suggestion below what should I do with my remaining 2000 DEC
One winner will recieve 200 DEC

Our quest for today is...

Water Splinter
Feels good to get to use my new Sea Monster

Quick and simple games

Quest Rewards
Compared to season rewards this is nothing :D


  • Kobold Miner lvl 3 (I really think it's a super strong card only costing 2 mana and having 2 attack with sneak) ✔️

  • Sea Monster lvl 3 ✔️

  • Furious chicken (any lvl) ✔️

  • Dragon Summoner ✔️

Wood Nymph has been removed from the list, because we got it in the last episode


Starting TrophiesStarting DECStarting Cards Value
Current TrophiesCurrent DECCurrent Cards Value

Total Games PlayedWinsLosses

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me if I left anything out.


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