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The Splinterlands Ambassador Program

On 2/3/2020 the Splinterlands team announced a new program. They named it the Splinterlands Ambassador Program. In a nutshell this program pays you a commission for finding business places that are willing to advertise/sell Splinterlands products.

Revenue Sharing

  • Store - 10% of USD sales if they want checks (Minimum of $100 before we send a check) // 10% of all sales instantly paid in crypto if they sign up with a Splinterlands account
  • Ambassador - 5% referral fees for all purchases made by players that signed up via a promo card or QR code from the stores. DEC purchases not included. Click here to read more...

New Reward Cards

On 2/02/2020 the Splinterlands team announced the new reward cards that will be introduced to replace the soon to be out of print Reward cards.

One of the big changes to these cards is their DEC value will reflect that of the UNTAMED edition. Past Reward cards had DEC burn value of the BETA edition. There's ten new cards in total, to see them all click here.

Reward System Changes

Orginally announced on 1/28/2020, the rewards system has been changed. No longer will we be getting just cards in our daily quest/season end rewards. Instead there's a wide array of Splinterland "items" we can earn. Some of those items include DEC, Potions, Orbs and of course Reward cards. Card Skins and other items are suspected to be added at some point as well.

After the changes to the rewards given out the Splinterland team modified a few things to make the new system more appealing to the bulk of its players. One of those modifications included the change from having cards displayed backwards to having an animated chest in which opens upon clicking it. To read the update in full click here.

Splinterlands Art Contest!

Week 69 Winner

Splinterlands and its team offer many different ways for its players to interact with Splinterlands. One of those ways is with contests and giveaways. The Splinterlands Art contest is now on its 70th week and if you hurry you still have a chance to enter a submission. The contest has a 15 booster pack prize up for grabs. Read more about this awesome contest via clicking here.

What is Splinterlands ?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.

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This is nice! There is a lot of news to keep up with these days! Love it! I sent some DEC your way to get all the potions for 2 days, you might get something nice!

Thanks, I'll pay it forward in one of my giveaways and give out some DEC.


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Hey @clove71 - Since you mention "enough potions" I am in the process of figuring out the NEW amount of potions which should be required to cover reward cards. Of course, the"quest" potion seems to be the same (+5 loot chests for ~ 720 DEC), but it seems that we now need LESS potions to cover reward cards, since ONLY SOME of the loot chests contain actual cards. Any insight on this? I have been down to like ZERO DEC per day, and having to earn enough for the potion DAILY right now (a difficult task), and so this information would e very helpful right now. Yesterday I spend the whole friggin day earning DEC through battles (whittling my capture rate down to ~ 40 % before giving up only having enough DEC for 13 potions. Well, it turns out that with the first "loot chest" rewards I got yesterday I actually only needed like THREE potions. Whew, that ws what I call luck! Anyways, I don't want to sell BTC, or buy potions with fiat right now if I can hold out. Just wondering how many potions you think it is best to have for each completed quest with the new system...

Hi! Each time I have a daily quest I always get all 4 potions - about 30 of the legendary and Alchemy ones, the rewards potion and I also get the mystery potion. I am not sure of the exact math involved but those are the ones I get each day.

Yes. I do full potions, like you, also. But with the change to the loot chest a lot of those chests are revealed to be DEC or +1 legendary or +1 alchemy potions, and so my point is that you need LESS potions to cover the quest. This is onlly relevant this week, because for the past few days I have run all the way down on potions. So I am trying to figure out the MINIMUM amount of potions to buy. Two days ago I got FOUR actua cards in the 15 rewards cards. Yesterday I got SEVEN, and so I am just monitoring the rough percentage of the rewards which are actual cards now. I'm considering selling 0.025 BTC to just load up on the 2,500 potion batches (legendary and alchemy) and 100 "quest" potions, but the BTC/Steem ratio is not as favorable as it was a month ago, but with all of those free potions in the promo batches it may be worth it. Trying to earn enough DEC to cover the potions DAILY is quite tedious, and takes away from the enjoyment of the game. But thanks for responding. I will figure it out. Just wanted your feedback...

Thanks for sharing this @rentmoney. :)




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