My daily Splinterlands report #294

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Hello players of splinterlands!

Welcome to my daily Splinterlands post #294.

In here, we talk about splinterlands, mainly my daily quests and loot chests, tournaments and exciting decks, gameplays.


My current SL status:

I wish you all happy Monday in advance friends and only I think you all know that only 10 days left from the current season to end. So we better go forward! With the help of my newly bought cards (especially gold dragon, the spirit of the forest and headhunter),

  • I have already reached Champion III and holding 3777 trophies currently.

  • DEC meter is at 76% currently as I have again played a lot today. Now let it recover back and I will play again in the morning.

  • I have also completed all those quests. Look below!

Daily Quest rewards:

mango-juice Rewards:


red-dog Rewards:



ts-panda Rewrds:



Neoxian guild status:

We are doing really great. We are currently holding the fifth position, and we are a max level guild. We have already started collecting DEC for the upcoming Land update. There is one place vacant in our guild atm so if interested, you can visit the neoxian discord server.

Only 68 quests remain for us to reach the last quest level - 10. We are getting +15% DEC for every ranked match win and +8% dec shop bonus currently.

We have to upgrade our quest guild again next season so that we can move to this last tier.

Alright guys! See you in my next post!!!

Until then, keep fighting!


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Hi @mango-juice, I am loving this games.
Can you help me understand the concept of the guild and what does it do?