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el traductor me ha jugado una mala pasada. el ganador fue @regenerette pero su nombre fue cambiado en la ruleta, ¡me disculpo!

the translator has played a trick on me. the winner was @regenerette but his name was changed on roulette, I apologize!

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si aun no juegas RISING STAR. puedes hacerlo desde este link: RISING STAR

if you still don't play RISING STAR. you can do it from this link: RISING STAR

Voy a etiquetar a todos los participantes para que sean notificados para los próximos sorteos, si no quieres que te etiqueten solo notifícalo en los comentarios

I am going to tag all the participants so that they are notified for the next draws, if you do not want to be tagged just notify in the

@fragozar01 @chuckrick @jfang003 @mimismartypants @playbyhive @yeckingo1 @preddor95 @yankosoito @irisworld @kurogan @moonthumb
@regenerette @kevinnag58 @minus-pi


Congratulations to our friend @regenerette I'm very happy for you, I'm looking forward to your initiatives, I'm sure you will bring us something great. Please sign me up for the next raffle. Regards.

Thank you soooo much, I am so happy I won these starbits!


Thank you SO SO SO much!

to you for participating, I hope to continue seeing you here. I try to give my best to those who support me

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Thank you for being a kind soul and offering these gifts to us!

quiero unirme

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count with me in the next draw :)

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Congrats to the winner!
Count me in!

Congratulations to the winner!

Please, count me in!

deseo participar, muchas gracias por los sorteos diarios estaré atento para el proximo

Very goood !!!

Felicidades al ganador. Me uno al sorteo a ver si tengo suerte

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please add me and @tawadak24 for next draw :).

Please include me in the next draw.

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I want in on the next draw.

Count me in. Good luck everyone!

I want to participate!!

I want to participate

include me in the next draw.

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Bravo to tha winna.

I want to participate again.

Thanks for another giveaway, please include me again :)

please add me to the next draw :)

congratulations, I sent you the award! regards and !PIZZA

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@minus-pi! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @pablodare.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

thanks :)

Enhorabuena al ganador, me gustaria participar en el proximo sorteo, gracias.

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