It's All About The Game Of Profit And Loss = Poetry

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It's all start from a talk, then conversations starts a walk
Words become a deal, just like a reel
People start acting like clones, when time comes they are ready to throw stones
Everything is caged into that little contract papers, experiences turned human beings into great actors.

See through this world's materialistic eyes, you will find the depth of lies
No one can say what is meant for good and what is not, race of quick success forcing people to forget what was taught
Measuring life with monetary essence, those free spaces now are in absence
Think of those times when you were thinking about the real things, this phase of time, corruption what it brings.

Relationships are also not free from the calculations, for some only numbers matters
If everyone would followed the same journey then today picture of this world would be wholely different, but now thoughts are on rent
Some breaking the relations just because their financial terms are not met, money brought so much of division and hate
But here money should not be blamed when humans have corrupting nature, there is no ancient cure.

If losses are welcoming then finding someone to blame, without any shame
Walking on the wrong direction to fall, not listening to that intuitive call
History of money is dark, it have dividing spark
In this world now money is the boss, it's all about the game of profit and loss.

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I dont do losses very well, is there a cure?

In my opinion Letting Go is the answer but in my opinion it's easy to say but very difficult to do that. But at the end of the day only individual know how to find the solutions or how to overcome. Stay blessed.

Yes that’s like I guess there is always the point of no return and moving on in different situations but still am not the best letting go-er.
Thanks happy Sunday

Welcome and thank you. 🙂

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