Carol and Fern Photobombed By Tyler - Qurator's Photo Friday Contest

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I may no longer have my own mother to take pictures of but that doesn’t mean I don’t have mothers within my family I can honour.

Pulling out an older shot this week and I’m failing to remember the details about it other then Tyler in the background photobombing and realizing much after the fact that he had 😅

I really enjoy this picture, Carol and Fern never really got along and you can tell by their expressions. Like all mothers they put aside their BS when they could and would do family. Family a thing that seems to be loosing meaning in the growing digital age... can’t do family online as it’s easy to just turn off the argument... family where your forced to face that your interest may not actually be in your best interest.

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Facebook makes a farce out of families. People just show the good. They do not show the "real"

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