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A young couple goes on holiday. After 10 hours in the car, they decide to sleep in the hotel for a few hours and then drive on in 5 hours so as not to lose any time.
At check-out they were charged 350 dollars. After a short dispute, the man asked to speak to the hotel manager. He argued that the hotel had a great pool, a modern conference center and 24 hour service. All this is available to the guests free of charge. "But we haven't used it," the he argued. "Well, you're here, you could have done it," the manager replied, adding "You could have also attended the evening shows with the best entertainers in the US. Finally, the man gave in and asked the girl if she could write a check.
"Excuse me, but this is only $50," said the manager. "Yes, that's right - I charged you $300 for sleeping with me," replied the young wife. "But that's not true, I didn't" the manager defended himself. The woman replied: "Too bad, I was here - you could have done it."

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