My Dialysis Went Well Despite I Haven't Finished The Last 14 Minutes And Taking A Large Dose Of Caffeine

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I am satisfied with my session today, I felt a good blood cleaning session, it never amazes me how dialysis just makes me feel well temporarily. I did took 964 mg of Caffeine too from Caffeine capsules and energy drinks but despite of all that my BP went down still to 70 systolic, enough to make me feel light-headed so when the assigned nurse that takes the reading of the BP took my BP's reading I didn't decline because my vision is already starting to get dim and I am already having cold sweats.

The dialysis is still good and I guess efficient because it just washed away the Caffeine in my system otherwise I could still feel it until at this moment. I just hope that I could sleep this evening because I wasn't able to get some shut-eye last night because I took an energy drink after my supper.


Anyway I guess that I will never be able to last my dialysis sessions given the fact that I am using a big high flux dialyzer which a few years ago I insisted of using and also signing a waiver for it as my doctor just wanted me to use the regular ones that I know is not really that efficient in cleaning the blood plus she wants me to go for a thrice-weekly dialysis and with a slower blood pump as well.

I just trusted in what i felt was right for my body so the doctor's advice is not really a good idea for me considering that she also wants me to use my health insurance fast which is good but impractical because I only have a limited amount of dialysis allocations per year from my insurance and if that runs out it will be hard to the pocket the out-of-pocket payments after all that had been consumed.

Of course I wanted a more frequent dialysis but my hands are tied plus I would just waste a lot of my parent's time and effort.


Anyway right now my skin feels so itchy, it is because of the dry weather. I needed a more humid weather now because this weather is not conducive for my already dry skin, it feels itchy everyday so I am just using hot water compress just to alleviate the itchiness. I do not want to scratch because it will not help and will just cause an infection.

I think I needed not to scrub vigorously my skin during my showers because it might be the cause of itchiness and possibly making small cuts on my skin because of that. Fortunately the hot compress in plastic bag inserted in a thin cloth works well in relieving me, very soothing especially if the part of the area is very itchy, your eyes would just roll-out with the pleasurable sensation from being so itchy to pain and I recommend in doing that technique rather than scratching.


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