I Feel Good With My Bones But Bad With My Appetite

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I really am enjoying the awesome effects of my Parathyroid medicine as days go by, my lingering pain in my joints are now gone only if I am idle though but I could not still walk because of the joints in my feet are painful to walk. I know that it will take time because it also took years for this bone and joint pain issues to develop but I have no choice but to wait and endure my Cinacalcet which is in the other hand is a cause of my appetiteloss.

Every single I am just struggling to eat so it sucks of course as I have not much anything to enjoy but to eat and it was taken away from me as if some force out there is causing me to get trodden upon completely and wanting me to go down and never achieve a level of wellness that I wanted to happen.

I am still hoping that soon I will be able to graduate from this and the only tool that I am relying upon is my cryptos and they should perform well before I ever have to sell them for my daily needs for medicines because I want to sell them for my goals of surgeries and that would only happen if cryptos particularly steem would go up in value even for a dollar a token.

That is the plan and I am glad that I was able to save some token for the purpose due to some individuals out there that I can consider friends that are selfless enough to really show support. May God bless you all.


There is always hope, so be positive even if that can be sometimes difficult.

Yes Thank you @hanen
I just needed all the encouragement that I can get.

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