The Libertarian Party Needs To Focus

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The Libertarian Party in the United States took a major hit with Jo Jorgensen as their nomination for President of the United States. Compared to Gary Johnson's performance in 2016, Jo Jorgensen performed horribly.

To many libertarian minds, Jo Jorgensen wasn't the right choice after winning a very tight race in the primaries against notable opponents like Jacob Hornberger. It seemed like she was pandering on social media to left-wing ideologues during a time where left-wing riots were expanding throughout the country. Judging from people who I have personally conversed with, she took a major blow when she seemingly supported the general concept of "anti-racism", which is a misnomer used by the left. She ran a strong race in the primaries but fell hard as her message definitely did not hit the right chord with the public.

I thought that she was going to perform well but it's clear that her loss of over 1 million votes for the Libertarian Party definitely hurt the party. I think the Libertarian Party can rebound for 2024, but they would have to focus on policies that are similar to that proposed by Ron Paul, and they would have to push for bipartisan efforts when it adheres to libertarian principles.

The Libertarian Party is still a growing party, and it is gaining positions in local office. There is a strong chance for them to perform significantly better, especially as the Democrats try again to rebrand themselves after the far-left intersectionalist faction pitted the establishment Democrats against one another.

Libertarianism isn't dead, it may have a huge opportunity in the next election.


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