Bitcoin falls to 33601 on June 7 2021

in #leofinance17 days ago

If you thought 64k was too expensive, will you buy more ₿ at $33,601 usd?


I have been talking about the price of Bitcoin since it was under 200. If you think $250 is too expensive you're going to realize how expensive it is not to buy more.


The Bitcoin you buy today will be needed for the infinity blockchain defi moon base super protocol of the future. Don't spend it on lambos for satoshis sake.


I think the whole market is down so we will see if anyone buys into the latest fire sale of crypto

There's a lot of fear but when it goes up 800% a lot of ppl will pile back into ₿TC

How low will it go? Woke up to this


Uh oh, BTC dominance is under 40% again