India observed Public Curfew!

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Greetings steemians!

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Today, on 22nd March,2020 India observed public lockdown in India. Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi had appealed to people to stay inside home this day and not to go outside if there is no emergency. People willingly obeyed the instructions of the government and didn't go outside. People think that it will help them to stop the spreading of coronavirus. Social distancing has been observed all over India. We are not sure how much it will help us to check the proliferation of the virus but, it shows the determination of people against this virus. Cities were empty and there was no sign of people on roads. It was such a successful event.

I hope you people are well and staying healthy. Only wisdom can save us from this virus. Hoping for the best!

Thank you all!

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It's going to take wisdom, and intelligent protocols coupled with drastic changes in behaviors.

For example, one way to protect your community and immediate surroundings is for every person to take on cleaning responsibilities. Wipe down and disinfect every public space with which you come in contact AFTER you have used it, not just before. Every time you use a door handle or elevator button, wipe down the entire panel. Be especially wary of transmission hotbeds and make smart choices. We know what is coming, it is time to build upon our passive prevention techniques like social distancing and provide a proactive defense to reduce transmission.

It's going to take wisdom, and intelligent protocols coupled with drastic changes in behaviors.

Absolutely right.
Thank you for your comment and valuable suggestion.

stay safe buddy

Thank you dear! Take care yourself.