Clicking Away At Holy Bread And Waiting For Announced Changes

in holybread •  9 days ago 

I've been clicking away in the Holy Bread game for quite some time now. With move to Hive there already were some minor changes which helped speed up the game and removed not-so-well-defined stuff like breadcrumbs.

This is my team at the moment. One warrior and two archers. I also have a mage at level 56 who is on the market. Does anybody need him?

Five other heroes at level 1 or slightly more are waiting to get some action for a long time.

My current position is a nice and round rank number 100.

Shout out to @pompe72. YOu are too strong for me right now :)

Many improvements and changes are coming up in the game as @simplegame tells us in the roadmap.

Looking forward to the changes which will certainly make the game more interesting and attractive.

Better and better

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I hope they would manage to do something more interesting...

Well, the roadmap shows that they are serious about keeping the game alive and that they are aware that they have to make it more attractive and dynamic.

It takes a while to build out the code, but we are adding Dungeons, item sets, a Tavern (with brawling), achievements and Season servers.

A lot is being worked on. We have had the game for less than a month.

Give us time.

The game is currently an idle based game, Dungeons will add a Dungeon Crawl feel where you see how deep you can go.

We have a lot planned. These are only the things i can talk about.

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I am aware that you are putting a lot of effort into it. That's why I am going on with the game. I suppose many others are in the same, sort of auto-pilot, mode.

It's a big feat reworking and building on a code like you do right now. Good luck with the code and with the decisions on what to do :)

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I thought that this game is dead. Last time I logged in, I saw there is not my breadcrumbs anymore, and as well not my earnings of it. I just roughly saw some notice that they exchanged into bread for which I don't know if I can exchange somewhere for Hive/Steem or else. In short, I was quite pissed to investigate further and leave it for some other day when I would have more time to explore all the changes properly and see if there is any interesting option left that would motivate me to continue playing.

It looks like they are making progress, pruning things that are not working and aaddingmore attractive stuff.

Seems like, I will have to login there again. 🙂

It's on Hive now.

Good to know!