Afri Tunes week60 Chukwuoma by Chidinma cover//by @julti1985(ENG/ESP)

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Hello Hivians,
Welcome to another wonderful week on #Afritunesweek60.

This week I will be singing a song titled "Chukwuoma" By Chidinma

This song expresses the love of God toward man.

The Bible says though your sins be like scarlet they shall be white as snow.

Many thought with the gravity of their sins God will never accept them again.
Remember He said in His world that

If any man is in Christ he is a new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become new.
Once you allow Christ into your life and He is the controller of your life automatically your sins are forgiven.
No matter how big your sins are, God is always ready to forgive you.

All you need to do is:
Repent from your sins
Confess your sins
Forsake your sins.

Thanks for listening.


Chukwu Oma Chukwu Oma (Good God)
Chukwu Oma Chukwu Oma (Good God)
Chukwu Oma name mma ah (Good God You do great things)

He says “I don’t care
How far You’ve gone
Just come back home, darling
I am waiting for you”

He has done it before
He’ll do it again
Nothing is too hard for You
Nobody like You

You have done so much oh, Chukwu Oma (Good God)
You have done so much oh, Chukwu Oma (Good God)
You have done so much oh
Chukwu Oma name mma ah (Good God You do great things)
Nara ekele mi bia (Accept my Praise and Glory) (Repeat)

The way you love me
I no fit explain oh
I’ve come home, Daddy
I give you my all
You no dey make mistake oh
You no dey fit fail oh
You no dey fit change oh, Jesus
Nobody like You



Hola Hivians,
Bienvenidos a otra maravillosa semana en #Afritunesweek60.

Esta semana voy a cantar una canción titulada "Chukwuoma" Por Chidinma.

Esta canción expresa el amor de Dios hacia el hombre.

La Biblia dice que aunque tus pecados sean como la grana, quedarán blancos como la nieve.

Muchos piensan que con la gravedad de sus pecados Dios nunca los aceptara de nuevo.
Recuerde que Él dijo en Su mundo que

Si alguno está en Cristo, nueva criatura es; las cosas viejas pasaron; he aquí todas son hechas nuevas.
Una vez que usted permite a Cristo en su vida y El es el controlador de su vida automáticamente sus pecados son perdonados.
No importa que tan grandes sean tus pecados, Dios siempre esta listo para perdonarte.

Todo lo que necesitas hacer es
Arrepentirte de tus pecados
Confesar tus pecados
Abandonar tus pecados.

Gracias por escuchar.


Chukwu Oma Chukwu Oma (Buen Dios)
Chukwu Oma Chukwu Oma (Buen Dios)
Chukwu Oma name mma ah (Buen Dios Tú haces grandes cosas)

Dice "No me importa
Lo lejos que hayas ido
Vuelve a casa, cariño
Te estoy esperando"

Lo ha hecho antes
Lo hará de nuevo
Nada es demasiado difícil para Ti
Nadie como Tú

Has hecho tanto oh, Chukwu Oma (Buen Dios)
Has hecho tanto oh, Chukwu Oma (Buen Dios)
Has hecho tanto oh
Chukwu Oma name mma ah (Buen Dios Tú haces grandes cosas)
Nara ekele mi bia (Acepta mi alabanza y gloria) (Repite)

La forma en que me amas
No puedo explicar oh
He vuelto a casa, papi
Te lo doy todo
No cometas errores oh
No puedes fallar oh
No puedes cambiar oh, Jesús
Nadie como Tú




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I love this song too,you have done well 👍

Thank you @ayomike

The devil will always make us feel that we've been rejected by God because of our sins. But that's a lie.
We should go to our Father and ask for his mercy we need and he will forgive us.
Lovely rendition ma'am.

Thanks, dear for stopping by @jessicaossom

Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for God. You sang with so much energy dear. Well-done 👏

I love this specific sound I hear from you voice is so lovely.
Nice performance dear

Thanks friend @jmis101

You are welcome dear

Thank you so much @julti1985 for really doing justice to that song. I really enjoyed it...

Thank you @ernesto6402

You are welcome

Yes ohh God has done so many great and marvellous things.

It's my first time hearing the song and it conveys a beautiful message about God's love even for the worst of sinners.

Thank you for sharing dear.

You are welcome and thanks for checking my blog @sapphirekay

You're welcome dear