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Hello Hivians,
Welcome to another week of #afritunesweek62.


Firstly I will like to say thank you to @ksam for the gift sent to me for my birthday 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

This week I will be singing the suggested song for this week by Nathaniel Bassey titled "This God Is Too Good"

Nathaniel Bassey has to be one of the inspired gospel artists that always gets me in the mood to worship my God.

Though I don't know the verses of the song very well but I know the chorus. And I believe you will accept it the way I sing it because am just learning the verse.

God is so good to us in many different ways.
While we were sleeping He send His angels to watch over us.
He does not allow the arrows that fly both in the day and at night to locate us.
He watches over us because we are the apple of His eyes.
He takes good care of us, feeds us, cloth us, and gives us good health.

While we are yet sinners He loved us unconditionally.
He is our father indeed that doesn't want anything to hurt us.
God is too much, no one can be compared to him.

Thanks for listening.


I know a God, who's merciful and kind
Faithful and gracious
I'm the apple of his eyes
The thought that fills his heart
Every Morning, noon, and night
He loved me when I didn't care
And was patient till I came
Running back into his arms
Look how he turned my life around
Made me a shining star
His glory to reveal

I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever because
This God is too good oh

I will worship Him forever
Love Him forever because
This God is too good oh



Hola Hivianos,
Bienvenidos a otra semana de #afritunesweek62.


En primer lugar me gustaría dar las gracias a @ksam por el regalo que me envió por mi cumpleaños 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

Esta semana voy a estar cantando la canción sugerida para esta semana por Nathaniel Bassey titulado "Este Dios es demasiado bueno"

Nathaniel Bassey tiene que ser uno de los artistas de gospel inspirados que siempre me pone de humor para adorar a mi Dios.

Aunque no me sé muy bien las estrofas de la canción, me sé el estribillo. Y creo que lo aceptaréis tal y como lo canto porque apenas me estoy aprendiendo la estrofa.

Dios es tan bueno con nosotros de muchas maneras diferentes.
Mientras dormimos Él envía a sus ángeles para que nos cuiden.
El no permite que las flechas que vuelan tanto de día como de noche nos localicen.
Él vela por nosotros porque somos la niña de Sus ojos.
Él nos cuida, nos alimenta, nos viste y nos da buena salud.

Cuando aún éramos pecadores, nos amó incondicionalmente.
Él es nuestro padre de verdad que no quiere que nada nos haga daño.
Dios es demasiado, nadie se le puede comparar.

Gracias por escuchar.


Conozco a un Dios, que es misericordioso y bondadoso
Fiel y misericordioso
Soy la niña de sus ojos
El pensamiento que llena su corazón
Cada mañana, mediodía y noche
Me amó cuando no me importaba
Y fue paciente hasta que llegué
Corriendo a sus brazos
Mira cómo cambió mi vida
Me hizo una estrella brillante
Su gloria para revelar

Le adoraré para siempre
Le amaré para siempre porque
Este Dios es demasiado bueno oh

Le adoraré para siempre
Le adoraré para siempre porque
Este Dios es demasiado bueno oh


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The lord is so good to us in all situations. And, we should never stop giving glory, honor, and praise.
Nice presentation ma'am

Thanks, friend your words are always encouraging @jessicaossom

It's my pleasure sis.
I hope you had fun on your birthday.

Yes, thank you

It's a nice presentation from you,
We are really apple of His eyes,He cares for us and protect us

Thanks for stopping by

Nice presentation dear


This was one if my best song while I was younger
And you did it so perfect infact I could say it's a 101% mark
Thanks for sharing that beautiful song

Thanks so much, @chidistickz

O wow, twas your birthday. I join to shout Happy birthday to you. E no matter the time. Hope its accepted?

Meanwhile, your entry is lit. Your did so good with your voicing and everythings.

Weldon and keep it up and more


Anyways, I accept your wish thanks, and am glad you come around

God is very good to us. A thousand tongues is not enough to sing His praises.

You gave a beautiful rendition sis. Well done.

Thanks @rukkie

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