Time To Actively Trade Some WEED

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Lately, the market capitalization of WEED has been quite volatile, but the volume has been roughly the same (anywhere around 10$ - 60$ a day). It would be good, in my opinion, for the community to actively trade more often, so that WEED (and it's miners) can climb with volume, which gives the token more attention and it calms the men in suits looking for the next opportunity (hardcore investors). It's a small way to bring more users to WEED and it may even drive the price in a positive direction for HODLers as well.

Eventually, I'd like to see WEED on CoinMarketCap, or CoinGecko so we can really get some detailed information about WEED and its value.

If you think this is a good idea, then be sure to upvote this post and start trading! I'll see you out there too...

I'll be trading WEED actively on the Hive Engine so the community can get more attention from active traders on the engine. You can expect small trades from me (generally 2-25 Hive each) for the time being, of course, I'll increase the volume more as I earn more.

Best wishes to you all!
Best of luck, and keep growing!

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see you on the order book! last one there has to get stoned as fuck and make up an excuse.

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I've only got a tiny bit of hive on there, but eventually it will get bigger.
A penny in profit is still profit. lol

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