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This post is intended for informational purposes. The strategy outlined here can and likely will change at any time. I am simply communicating with you my thoughts and intentions as of right now. This is not financial advice.

Before I get too deep into this post I want to explain what I mean by "sustainable" in this context. Simply put it pays for itself. It doesn't have to be profitable, but does have to reach a break even point or it is not sustainable.

So how do I do that while hosting free giveaways? Here are my main two sources of sustainability.

  1. Post payouts
  2. Auto-generated tokens

or some combination of the two. Let's take a look at both of these things in detail.

Post payouts. This one is pretty obvious and the easiest to achieve. It is also the factor I pay the least attention to.

This is a small account. I do not require that people upvote the giveaway posts in order to win. I usually make a couple of dollars in Hive and tokens per giveaway post. I also have the option of using Ecency's boost with points.

If on average I make $2 per giveaway post I could simply choose a prize that is $2 or less and it's no money out of pocket for me and thus sustainable.

Since I am a small account I am limited by this amount. I am grateful for every upvote I receive, but I want to give out more than this .In order to do that I need to either payout prizes out of pocket or seek an alternate source for the prizes.

Auto-generated tokens. This includes tokens, NFTs, etc that I receive automatically or are in game earnings like SIM of any of the Hashkings prizes I also include "miner" tokens that auto generate (ie WEEDM ,LEOM etc). Miners could be an excellent long-term source of prize tokens.

Even though it does cost crypto to set these up, I can use post earnings to pay for them so that this expense is not out of pocket.

Another potential source of auto-generation are profit sharing coins like COM or Brocoin. These are all options I am exploring. I have WEED miners and a few others on my main account so I have good idea of how many I'd need here to generate tokens for this account.

For now I plan to use mostly auto-generated tokens as prizes. I am planning on doing a lot of Hashkings giveaways because I am generating a lot of high value assets at the moment and it's easy for me to do these giveaways and not really effect my profits..

For those of you who are not aware Hashkings is a cannabis farm simulation game with it's own economy. Currently in Alpha so it's a bit buggy.

All that said auto-generated tokens are what I am mainly focused on. I haven't decided on which miners to purchase or if I want to focus on profit sharing tokens. If I go that route COM will be the easiest as I am generating free COM every day by staking Hustler. On the other hand WEED and LEO miners are also quite tempting.

For the time being I hope you all like Hashkings giveaways. Even if you don't play the game you can still participate in the giveaways as they are blockchain tokens and you can do whatever you want with them.

That's it for today's post. I will be doing a similar post on sustainable "powering up" soon. I created this account for the community to spread wealth and all that jazz. This is why I share my intentions with you since it is all about you (the community) . I am also open to suggestions.

Also there is another giveaway coming in a few days so stay tuned.

Thanks for your support.



Sounds like a good way to help grow the account and help some community members out! @rosalestrust does something similar, so its great to have more initiatives that focus on growing others.

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Sounds good

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