Is Hashkings Profitable while in Alpha?

Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. It is for educational and entertainment purposes. if you decide to make any purchases or follow what i am doing, you do so at your own risk.

Is Hashkings Profitable while in Alpha? Spoiler alert, for me the answer is yes.

Hashkings is currently in Alpha. What that means is it is in testing and very buggy. Alpha generally refers to the first round of testing. Most people know what Beta testing is. Alpha is the phase before that. I will refrain from expressing my opinion on how it rolled out (this was not what we were promised or what we signed up for in the pre-sale , but that's a whole other topic).

Since Haskings Alpha is not on a test net (again refraining from comment) this means that the bugs in the game can actually cost people real world money. For example water distribution was glitched last night and I did not get the amount of water I was supposed to based on my water towers. Not only did this glitch cost me water distribution for the day it also made it so that I couldn't harvest my highest value seed . This will cost me a lot more in the long run because without the BUDS I can't burn them for MOTA . Also if I can't harvest a plot I can't plant a fresh seed so it costs quite a bit long-term with a snowball effect. It's not just the price of the water.

So I decided to buy the minimum water I needed off the market. I ran the numbers and it only cost me a few Hive . I earned that back easily selling seeds. I also made my money back selling some of the buds I harvested. Technically I made a profit but that is only because I already had a lot of water and only needed to buy a small amount this time. This is not sustainable long term. However when I get a chance to spend 2 Hive and get 4 , I take it.

Another glitch. or several glitches are in the plots themselves. One of my plots the timer is off meaning I cant harvest or do anything with that plot. I have other plot glitches as well which effect my ability to use them- this is costing me time and resources. Luckily for me these are my lower tier/ harvest plots, but still...

In nutshell most users are not able to use their land as effectively with all of these bugs. The staff at Hashkings is working hard to resolve these issues as fast as possible. They are working to fix them but they still exist. I haven't really brought up these glitches in my posts but I feel like I should as they are part of the gaming experience right now.

All of that said even with these glitches I feel the game is profitable for me right now. It takes extra work and strategies, but I can work around a lot of these bugs.I am also fortunate enough to have and use extra assets if need be. I understand not everyone is this lucky and for some people these bugs can have a much bigger impact.

I am also participating in all aspects of the game so I have a variety of in-game assets that I can sell . This gives me a lot of options.

Despite this I still will probably buy more water towers but only with earnings. I make about 8-12 Hive selling seeds daily. This allows me to buy a couple of towers without spending out of pocket money The amount of seeds I produce should be increasing as I stake more MOTA, and seed drops should increase over time as more people play, but these are the numbers I am working with now.

I also want to note that I am selling the seeds at the lowest price on the market. Not to undercut people but to make the game more accessible to more people. Some of the seed prices on the market are insane so please do some calculations before making purchases. I could easily double or triple my income instantly just by adjusting my price but I think my prices are fair and I try to base them on cost of production, but that is so hard to predict.

On a personal note I kind of like the brain exercises that the glitches have me doing. Math is hard though lol.

Personally, I am not super stressed about the glitches at this time. I am just playing the best way that I can and overall am having fun with the game. But yeah, I am human and some of these bugs are hella frustrating.

Thanks for reading.



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Everytime I visit the site it seems to be down. I once logged in but I didn't know what to do or where to start. This game still looks interesting to me

That's part of the Alpha. they are constantly fixing bugs and making improvements. Sometimes they have to take the server down to make the changes. but yeah I hear ya, a lot of downtime.

Its good to know it's working for someone .Don't think its working right for me..I only got to water my seed one day..! And I don't see a market for seeds..

Peace, G. is where you can buy seeds and other stuff.

Thanks...I eventually found this last night after reading your post 😀 bit of a

I have just sold a chocolate tai seed for 25 hive !!! Seems like a lot for 1 seed ?

So you are supposed to burn the buds to get mota then yeah...?

They need better instructions on the site really...

Peace G.

Yeah the market is crazy right now. 25 Hive is a bit steep for a seed but good job selling it :) Prices are crazy right now, but I suspect they will settle down eventually.

Burn buds, get MOTA. Stake MOTA for seeds. That's the basics.