⭐️ Rising Star - weekend common card giveaway - ends 26/01, 1pm UK time + card pack opening and game progress updates

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

It's weekend, so i am going to giveaway a common card.

Common Card Giveaway:

Three simple rules:

a) Comment below with your risingstar username (if different).
b) Upvote and re-post this post only if you want to :-)
c) Follow me, if you don't want to miss any future giveaways.

I will pick a winner on 26th Jan'22 after 4.00pm UK time.

Today, i did my millionaire mission first and then I opened 2 card packs and this is what i got:

Card Pack 1:


R117 Space Delay - 50 luck
i51 Head Mic - 5 luck
i56 Gran Casa - 5 luck

A good luck pack.
1 unique and 2 duplicate cards added to my collection.

Card Pack 2:


R133 James - 100 fans, 150 skills, 4 luck
i6 Mid Range Acoustic - 10 luck
i42 Mid Range Decks - 5 luck

A mix pack of skills, fans and Luck.
3 duplicate cards added to my collection.

Overall, i added 1 unique and 5 duplicate cards.

January Goal Progress:

TaskGoalCurrent Statusremaining
Custom shop missions20164

Need approx 2098 starbits per day to reach the january goal. (includes starbits needed for custom missions)

Note: The starbits goal doesn't include the starbits needed for custom missions or earned doing millionaire mission everyday.

Game Stats:


Skills - 7871 from cards, 14138 from lessons
Fans - 13170 from cards, temporary 0
Luck - 2751
Cards - 344

Ego from fans - 13170 (0 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 9427
Total - 22597

Starbits doing Millionaire missions - 0

Players Ranking:


Card Swap:

More details in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.



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@andy-plays,@hoosie,@jesmel26nala,@brando28,@ericburgoyne and @harpreetjanda
Thanks for taking part in the draw.

The winner is : @rentaw03

congrats, i have transferred the card:

Sorry for the delay in the results.

Congrats, Rentaw!

Thanks man! :)

Thank you so much man! :)


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thank you

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I'm in @brando28 !

Count me in please @hoosie - many thanks !

Would love to win the card. please add me for the giveaway!


count me in bro. Thank you!

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Wow, your stats are awesome, Congratz!!
IGN: xheadhunterz

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