⭐️ Rising Star - A quick card opening video and progress update.

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Today, i opened one more card pack. View the short video.

Progress Report:

Since last post, i have accumulated 5500 starbits.
Ego has also gone down to 9%.
After purchasing the cold pizza slice, I have been able to do more missions and lessons
I am very close to reaching level 62. (2799/3050)
And suprisingly, i am also climbing up the player ranking.

This is tha card pack i got today. But you already know as you watched the video :-)

Quick Stats:

level - 61
Starbits - 18443

Skill - 1791 from cards, 4619 from lessons
Drunks - 4015 from cards, temporary 127

Ego from fans - 4142 (127 temporary drunks)
Ego from missions - 2942
Total - 7084

Luck - 1026
Cards - 111

Player Rankings


Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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