Rising Star and VFT labs update


I thought I'd post a quick update on my Rising Star progress. Since VFT labs launched I have been putting my Starbits into the pool over there.

This is a great way for me to earn VFT while I accumulate Starbits to get the beloved millionaire card. This will help me to stay focused on saving up my Starbits. I am earning well of NFT labs right now and I am taking full advantage of that.

I also bought some Starbits off the market. Only about 15000 but that is more than i started with :)

Currently I have 88713 Starbits saved. I am close to being 10% of the way to my goal and I am earning VFT tokens while I wait :)

In the coming weeks I may use some of the VFT I earn to hyper-compound and buy more Starbits. In fact that is likely what I will do, I am just giving myself time to earn more VFT before I sell or use it.

That's it for today's update. Like always thanks so much for reading. I appreciate it.



I just read another post about VFT a few minutes ago.
I am also targeting 100K starbits and saving some for now. Keeping them in VFT makes sense as they are not benefiting me while keeping them in my wallet and in VFT they will earn at least something.
Is there a minimum number of days restriction of the deposited tokens can be withdrawn anytime ?

Tokens are not locked so they can be withdrawn at any time.




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where can I find out more about VFT labs? I have some spare starbits and this is the second time today I have heard about it.

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https://vftlab.finance/ is the website. @al-gaming have more informative posts about how it works, tokenomics and other details if you are looking for that sort of info.


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