Synthesis Underground - Metropalypse Has Now Been Dispensed!

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Disburst! The collage art song. Been working on something, hopefully get more out soon. Played it at a friends house last night. Some said it was disturbing to them. Somehow there is a re awakening feeling happening lately. Been playing more guitar. Getting the energy level up to keep me intact to rightly make shifts in the right direction as well as way of thinking. The sound music is an important therapy. If I can focus on that way of putting it perhaps I won't worry about making 'music' so much so I can make music. I want to do both.

Who knows what a next level could be like, I feel I'm leaning to a more coherent mode. Letting the down time of the covid catastrophe give me the time to build up my character.

Here is where you can find the new song on stores and streaming

It is also on TikTok and Soundcloud

You can also find my music on Band Camp -

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