New Track Made Earlier This Month - Synthesis Underground - Waythur

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Have been working on a few tracks. Been taking a break though. Allot to deal with lately. Been preoccupied with the Covid-19 situation, staying close to the Black Lives Matter Movement too. Needed to take a break from allot and almost do nothing. Many people are getting hyped up with conspiracy theories with old friends racist views coming out of the closet. To cope I've been taking myself out more when I can. Chatting up bartenders and coffee baristas. It's been working. I feel that I am healing and opening up more.

Now I'm feeling the pull to make more music again. After having a break and taking it all in I feel more a fresh state of mind when it comes to creativity and content. So I want to get a few tracks out I made earlier. There is this one and a couple other that have the same bpm. I may mix them together or release them separate. Plus may add more effects and sounds too.

Here is the track Waythur by Synthesis Underground

I like how this one turned out. Kinda simple, bit ambient, still a bit faster sounding track too. I am going to get out tonight. Go to the pub for wing night. Then tomorrow I will take a trip to the city to go swimming. I'm continuing to unwind and will bring my lyric book and iPad along to make some new stuff while I get out.

Much of my music has been distributed. I have it on Spotify, Youtube etc. as well as band camp. I will list some links below.


Nice, started to follow you on bancamp..

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