New Music Video For Random Consumption Out Of Order by Synthesis Underground

in hive-193816 •  23 days ago 

Glad I made a new video! Been trying to promote the music and build up the hype a bit. Been getting okay play on Spotify so far which is good. Mentioned on last post my music made it onto a Fresh Finds Playlist! That's so cool, it gives me something to talk about. I enjoy making the videos. I like them to be kinda trippy and entertaining. Random Consumption Out Of Order is the most popular song on Spotify so far so thought I'd make a video to further promote it.

Here is the video!

Am on a little vacation right now. Working a bit on collecting more video clips and some music, mostly relaxing though which is good. Have been too cooped up so great to re-refresh!

Listen to Synthesis Underground on Spotify. You can stream the song there

You can also find my music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

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trippy and glitchy idm sounds. I like it :)

@cubapl yea it's been a helpful therapy on the head trip of over consumption being out of order, the soundtrack for that come manifest has been a sort of dream come true! Cheers!!