New Funny Mix Of Older Tracks Made Kinda Weird

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I was thinking of trying to make more of a mix of some of the sounds I've done. It was a fun experiment. Then it really became an experiment and not an extended mix or anything LOL. It's been good, I've been able to get back to making whatever whenever I get the chance. Fun to tinker a bit and do some experiments. I like how it turned out. Kinda interesting. Hard to explain really. Give a listen

Had a good night last night, got out. Now I gotta go soon to help with a bit of work. Will be back as soon as I can to make some more.

Here are my links if you liked the song


nice trax.. do you know about dsound? you can upload to the blockchain instead of outside links. .. pretty cool

check it out at /link to yr hive account

I'm not affiliated in any way, have just been enjoying the service and want to share because its hard to find out about things sometime!


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