New Collage Soundscape Song - Synthesis Underground - Metropalypse

in hive-193816 •  last month 

Found some funny sounds on this keyboard I got. They were ambient sounding. So I made more of a soundscape type track. Has phone sounds, alarm sounds, vehicle sounds. Added a bit of synth strings to it. Plus some extra sound effects. It's just an experiment I put together for fun!! I kinda like how it turned out. I want to make some more sound collages/ambient tracks!! Something a little different from the usual technoish stuff I usually put out.

Here is the song!

I am making a couple other tracks too. Look forward to finishing them up and putting them out soon

I have music up at a few different places. I'll drop some links

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Musicians: I just started a World of Music Community on Hive. Feel free to join and share your music there!

You can cross-post this there too. I'll be upvoting at 100% to every post/crosspost there.

We are happy to welcome all types of music from all over the world 🌏🌍🌎🕺💃

Link: World of Music Community