ThreeTuneTuesday #92 Showcase and 8HBI winner announcement

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And the winner is...


Welcome welcome Three Tune Tuesday readers and contributors, it is that time of the week when I give out the prize for the week, that being four shares of HBI. Better than the shares in HBI though is the Title of Three Tune Tuner of the week, a title that is worn with pride.

Who will be the Three Tune Tuner of the week for week 92?

Who will pocket the 8 shares of HBI?

Read on to find out


As always thanks to the sponsors @blanchy @blackdaisyft @tengolotodo @hannes-stoffel @inthenow @wwwiebe and @grindan for matching my 1 share of HBI for the winner.

Three Tune What now?

Right, Ok, now for the benefit of new readers, every Tuesday I pick three songs, sometimes all three from the same artist, sometimes three tunes from a particular genre, other times three songs from a certain country - you get the idea. I've always asked others to get involved and over the past few weeks, that is exactly what's happened, and we now have some ThreeTune regulars which is fantastic! The ask is to basically choose three songs to share. You can sing them or hum them or just pick three from an artist you love like I do, which is what most people do each week.

Here is a link to last week's post - at the end I said that I would pick someone who shared some decent tunes and give them a share in Hive basic income courtesy of me. Once again, we had some top-class entries and new songs for our collective ears, which is class.

Here is this week's as well, sure I may as well give it a shameless plug!

Huge thanks to week 92's ThreeTuneTuesday devotees who I will name with their songs below.

Another massive week folks and a joint record I think! We had 33 unique Three Tune Tuesday posts this week. Take a bow every one of ye, as we would have nothing without you all throwing up your three tunes each Tuesday. Let's keep her lit and keep on growing - thanks to each and every one of you.

So, what's up for grabs?

Hive Basic Income.

Hive Basic what now?

Let me explain.....

Hive Basic Income

Again for the benefit of new readers, are you new to Hive? Are you struggling to get support on those first posts of yours? Have you come back to Hive recently and are struggling in a similar fashion? If so, I would advise you to keep an eye out for competitions that offer you Hive Basic Income shares. These give you guaranteed upvotes from @steembasicincome, @sbi1, @sbi2, @sbi3, @sbi4, @sbi5, @sbi6, @sbi7, @sbi8, @sbi9 etc and the more shares that you have the higher their upvotes. Simples...


It is a win win situation too for the person sharing the shares, as the person sharing them also gets a share of HBI for each one they share with someone else - what's not to like about this model. You get rewarded for being kind to someone else, in fact it is like a microcosm of what the Hive blockchain actually is from a curation perspective too.

The Tunes

Right so, speaking of tunes, let's get down to it...

Right, grab your headphones - Here is a flavour of this week's tunes.

Skrillex & Habstrakt - Chicken Soup @tengolotodo


Udo Jürgens - Aber bitte mit Sahne @hannes-stoffel

3 Songs about "Coming Home" - (2 Covers + 1 Original!) @jasperdick

Devo - Girl U Want @killerwot

Saydie - Krolithika @saydie

Jordan Davis - Next Thing You Know @princessbusayo

The Turtles - Happy Together @lhes

Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone @sketch.and.jam

U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me @bozz

The Human League - The Lebanon @sequentialvibe

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA - Edison @boxcarblue

Jon Bellion - Stupid Deep @wongi

2Pac - Dear Mama @amiegeoffrey

喜歡你 - G.E.M @shawnnft

Ne-Yo - Miss Independent @kenechukwu97

R.E.M. - Nightswimming @ablaze

Palito Ortega - Despeinada @coquicoin

Frank Sinatra - One For My Baby @rt395

Blind Melon - Change @thatcryptodave

New Order - Blue Monday @nbarrios67

Claire Mobey - Song of Hope @whywhy

Neon Hitch - Midnight Sun @mypathtofire

K-Ci & JoJo - Crazy @rukkie

Kanye West - Jesus Lord @stevenson7

Jax Jones, Bebe Rexha - Harder @jhymi

Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful @balikis95

THE CURE - A Forest @beeber

Falz - This Is Nigeria @seki1

Soda Stereo - Tratame Suavemente @sirenahippie

All That Remains - Two Weeks @naradamoon

The Cure - Just Like Heaven (Lullaby version) @blanchy

Golden Gate Orchestra - Sweet Man @wwwiebe

Yet another great week for tunes folks with close to 100 tunes shared again. Here are the honourable mentions: @ammonite @tengolotodo @hannes-stoffel @jasperdick @killerwot @coquicoin @balikis95 @stevenson7 @seki1 @wwwiebe There can only be one winner though and this week it is @nbarrios67, who brought us tunes, anecdotes and personality this week. He kicked things off with a deadly instrumental version of a very famous New Order song which I really liked which drew me in and then I stayed engaged with the post and tunes throughout, great work.

So, @nbarrios67 you take the prize and are the Three Tune Tuner of the week this week and are the recipient of 8 shares of HBI. Yes, that's right we are up to 8 shares for the prize, amazing! Those shares will make there way to you in the coming days/weeks. Thanks again to @blanchy @blackdaisyft @hannes-stoffel @tengolotodo @inthenow @wwwiebe and @grindan for sponsoring the tunes and matching my 1 share of HBI each week which means that 8 shares of HBI are on their way to you.

Oh and Pssssssst, rumour has it we are going to 9 shares next month as @jasperdick has very kindly volunteered to join the sponsors list.




The YouTube videos shared are not owned by me and I am simply sharing great music with the community here on Hive. I will happily remove any if requested by the content owner, but any clicks here are monetised said content owner on Youtube.

All images used here are my own.

Thanks again for taking part and don't forget to support each other and check out each other’s tunes if you can find the time. That's what #TTT is all about. Hearing new music and supporting each other's efforts

Peace Out



Let's start adding my share now! Congratulations @nbarrios67 !

Excellent Jasper, thanks

Congratulations to the winner of the contest and I wish this initiative greater heights.

Thanks and congrats to the winner

So many awesome tunes yet again, great to see The Cure featuring twice!
However well-done to this weeks winner @nbarrios67 😃


So many great entries.. good to see Udo in there! Congrats to the winner!

@ablaze - Should I start doing the HBI contribution to this week's winner or should we wait until next week?

Always a joy to go through this.


Yay! 🤗
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Mad props to @nbarrios67! Well done. 😎
Great tunes all around. I !LUV it.


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thanks for the honourable welcome broo
congrats to @nbarrios67 on winning😀

Congratulations @nbarrios67 😁 and thanks as always for the collection Ablaze! 🤘

Grats on the win @nbarrios67 😃

Congrats @nbarrios67 Screenshot 20230309 174530.jpg

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Congratulations @nbarrios67 and what a song or better video. I've heard the song before many times but never seen that video. Fantastic retro feeling coming up, jackpot. Well deserved.

One HSBI is on its way:



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Whoot, word up! Congratulations @nbarrios67! HBI on the way!

Congratulations @nbarrios67 🙌 Your SBI share has been sent 😉

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