ThreeTuneTuesday #61 Winner of 5 x Hive Basic Income

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And the winner is...


Welcome welcome Three Tune Tuesday readers and contributors, it is that time of the week when I give out the prize for the week, that being four shares of HBI. Better than the shares in HBI though is the Title of Three Tune Tuner of the week, a title that is worn with pride.

Who will be the Three Tune Tuner of the week for week 61?

Who will pocket the 5 shares of HBI?

Read on to find out


As always thanks to the sponsors @blanchy @blackdaisyft @por500bolos @tengolotodo and for matching my 1 share of HBI for the winner.

Three Tune What now?

Right, Ok, now for the benefit of new readers, every Tuesday I pick three songs, sometimes all three from the same artist, sometimes three tunes from a particular genre, other times three songs from a certain country - you get the idea. I've always asked others to get involved and over the past few weeks, that is exactly what's happened and we now have some ThreeTune regulars which is fantastic! The ask is to basically choose three songs to share. You can sing them or hum them or just pick three from an artist you love like I do, which is what most people do each week.

Here is a link to last week's post - at the end I said that I would pick someone who shared some decent tunes and give them a share in Hive basic income courtesy of me. Once again, we had some top class entries and new songs for our collective ears, which is class.

Here is this week's as well, sure I may as well give it a shameless plug!

Huge thanks to week 61's ThreeTuneTuesday devotees who I will name with their songs below.

We had an impressive 19 people this week sharing tunes and fair play to each and every one of you, thanks for continuing to share them.

So, what's up for grabs?

Hive Basic Income.

Hive Basic what now?

Let me explain.....

Hive Basic Income

Again for the benefit of new readers, are you new to Hive? Are you struggling to get support on those first posts of yours? Have you come back to Hive recently and are struggling in a similar fashion? If so, I would advise you to keep an eye out for competitions that offer you Hive Basic Income shares. These give you guaranteed upvotes from @steembasicincome, @sbi1, @sbi2, @sbi3, @sbi4, @sbi5, @sbi6, @sbi7, @sbi8, @sbi9 etc and the more shares that you have the higher their upvotes. Simples...


It is a win win situation too for the person sharing the shares, as the person sharing them also gets a share of HBI for each one they share with someone else - what's not to like about this model. You get rewarded for being kind to someone else, in fact it is like a microcosm of what the Hive blockchain actually is from a curation perspective too.

The Tunes

Right so, speaking of tunes, let's get down to it...

Right, grab your headphones - Here is a flavour of this week's tunes.

Phil Wickham - The Secret Place from @dreemsteem

Kate Bush - Sunset from @ammonite

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy from @olawalium

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising from @princessbusayo

Jessie J - Who You Are by @george-dee

Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begins from @dapomolaaaa

Sam Tinnesz - Play With Fire from @kenechukwu97

David Keenan - Two Kids from @ablaze

Alicia Keys - We Are Here from @gingerup

James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti ~ It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World from @tengolotodo

Yael Naim - New Soul from @cmplxty

Noel Schajris - Cuando Amas a Alguien from @geadriana

De donde viene tu nombre from @sirenahippie

A Change is Going to Come -Baby Huey from @por500bolos

Kate Bush /David Gilmour - " Running Up That Hill " from @blanchy


Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No. 14, Op. 27 No. 2, 1st Movement) from @deraaa

I Ain't Never Had Nobody Crazy Over Me from @wwwiebe

Dax - My Heart Hurts from @offia66

What a week!! The honourable mentions this week go to @olawalium @dreemsteem @deraaa @ammonite @wwwiebe @obaro but we can only have one winner and this week's winner is @blanchy.

Well done to Three Tune regular and one of the first regular posters back in the day @blanchy who brought us a fantastic post. Our friend from Tipperary has the gift of the gab and I always enjoy his posts, as there is always a sense of storytelling to them. We will have to start calling you the Seanchaí!

At least 10 of ye are thinking WTF is a Seanchaí!

Here ye go

You take the prize and are the Three Tune Tuner of the week this week and recipient of 5 shares of HBI. Well done. Thanks again to @blanchy @por500bolos @blackdaisyft and @tengolotodo for sponsoring the tunes and matching my 1 share of HBI each week which means that 5 shares of HBI are on their way to you.




The YouTube videos shared are not owned by me and I am simply sharing great music with the community here on Hive. I will happily remove any if requested by the content owner, but any clicks here are monetised by you on Youtube.

All images used here are my own.

Thanks again for taking part and don't forget to support each other and check out each other’s tunes if you can find the time. That's what TTT is all about. Hearing new music and supporting each others efforts

Peace Out



Well done to @blanchy. You deserved it. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎊👏

Thanks buddy.

You are welcome.

Good man @gingerup and well done on finding your way around to lots of the other entries to listen and comment.

It's fun to listen to lovely tunes. Thank you sir

Great variety again!
Will try and get to the posts I have missed!
In the meantime congrats to @blanchy

Sent to steembasicincome-1.000 HIVE
a minute ago

Thanks a million mate.

My pleasure bud

Good man @tengolotodo - not always easy to find the time, but always worth it, as I always unearth a few gems.

Yeah was listening to some whilst I was making up my fantasy footy team!

Ah very good, did the auld fantasy football for around ten years in a row and gave it up last year. So hard to find the time anymore!

yeah I know that feeling, it is been a few years since I did it, well will see what happens!

Yaaaaay! Congratulations to my friend @blanchy and congratulations to everyone who participated too. It's always an honour. We go again on Tuesday.

Thanks buddy

Anytime 🤗

Good man @olawalium

Keep her lit as we say in Ireland!

Hahaha absolutely. I will. 🍸🍾

Congratulations @blanchy!! 🤗🙌 So sorry for the delay but the SBI share has already been sent your way 😁

Sem Título.png

Fantastic daisy, good on you!

Jesus no problem. I know the story. Thanks a million my friend. :-D

You're most welcome! 😁

I am so honored to be mentioned like this... ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ❤️❤️

Well earned my friend

I didn't even know what a Seanchai was myself until now. 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks a million . Il throw my HBI to yourself this week considering all the effort you put into the posts.

I didn't even know what a Seanchai was myself until now.


Il throw my HBI to yourself this week considering all the effort you put into the posts.

Ah jeepers, no need for that auld stock, but thanks a million all the same.

Screenshot 2022-08-06 095537.jpg

Fair play a dhuit

This just gets better and better every day @ablaze! This space is great for getting to know music from around the world and having a lot of fun. I congratulate the winner and salute all fellow participants.

Thanks @sirenahippie It has organically grown into something really enjoyable and it's great to hear and see so many cultures and ideas coming through.

Congratulations @blanchy! And thanks for hosting @ablaze!

Cheers @wwwiebe

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